the WIPs and the paradox of gaining some spare time.

My days are full with non-wool things. I only craft at night, when I join my husband for some TV. It’s still the same crochet so it’s not that interesting to show you:

Soon I need to lay out all the squares again, see what’s what. Think some more about the assembling composition.

The stranded owl vest with the wrong shade of white is now stuffed into the back of the closet. Don’t know what to do about it at this time.

I have started another white vest in that lovely handspun:

A vest without raglans: Debbie Vest by Aethalia O’Connor.
But then I frogged it again because my similar handspun Hilja vest pills a bit (the yarn is a bit too soft for a garment) and Wolop Grey vest taught me I have more meterage than needed for a vest and I’d love to use every inch of my handspun.

So why not use the handspun for a luscious collar that doesn’t have to stand much wear?
“Inspired to knit” is the first knitting book I ever bought. I’ve never knit from it because … reasons (mostly that things aren’t knit in the round). But I always wanted a collar to tuck away in, like shown on the front. So last weekend I cast on for it. It’s Snowdrift Cardigan by Michele Rose Orne.

It was a good car ride project last Sunday:

But at home I started to doubt my knitting again. Isn’t it too wide, too many stitches? Isn’t it too variegated a colour and with what yarn will I ever combine it to make the body then?
So I’ve left it in its WIPbag since then and have been crocheting flowers instead.

Tangled Vines Cardigan is still out of the closet though. There’s only one sleeve left to do and the button bands. I’ve brought my box with buttons to the city and I just need to sit down and make a choice:
I’ll get to that as soon as I’ve finished crocheting…

Somewhere in the previous weeks I did start on the sock blank! I have half a foot and it sits beautifully in the yarn bowl:
Artwork by Meilindis and yes, that is a portrait of Lillepoes!

I hardly knit on my sock though. Because it feels like a special knit for sophisticated moments, like there should be a candle in a silver holders nearby and there should be bonbons on little handmade plates and artistic thoughts in my head.
These days I only craft when I’m doing something else too. Watching videos at night or browsing imgur during my day rests. No sophistication at all.

Yeah, my days are full. A lot of time is spend on coaxing my body to not relapse into a chronic fatigue state. I feel like I’ve been handed a precious gem or little kitten and I don’t want to lose it. It needs time and dedication and love to prosper but I have one hand tied behind my back and an eyepatch made out of mohair and someone is whispering math problems in the back ground, demanding answers.

So there’s a lot of distraction and I absolutely want to do this right because I’d like 45 more years of good life, please. Hmm, this may be a long winded apology that this is no longer a blog with regular knitting progress reports.
Was it ever though?

Blogging takes time too and I find I want to use that time for other things. You wouldn’t say it with the elaborate posts I’ve been making the past few weeks but in my mind I have cut back on blogging. Reality may disagree as these posts each take two hours to write, at least. But my mindset has shifted. “I knit less and therefor blog less.” That’s as true as cows. (That’s a Dutch expression)
My posts may change in the future. Perhaps more pictures, less words.
Or it may progress like it does right now: more words, less wool 😉

There’s just not much time left in the day to do the things I love. I get maybe one hour twice a day? But they are spend in health now and they never were before.
When there are no interruptions such as day trips or having to buy mattresses or going in for blood tests I spend most of my precious free and health-full time sewing. I sewed a winter skirt last month:

Sturdy canvas again: curtain fabric from IKEA. Sturdy seams, pockets, lining. And godets at the side seams to give room for striding and urban power posing.

It goes wonderful with my Wolop Grey Handspun Vest as you can see. The other day I wore a ladies’ dress shirt under it and I looked smashing! That will be my Autumn and Winter garderobe: skirt, shirt, vest, cardigan (hat, wristwarmers).

This fortnight I’m sewing trousers. They are linen trousers, for Summer. This Summer. Yes, Summer 2016…
Never mind that I’m writing this wearing a hat and woolen socks. At least I’m also learning to work with loosely woven cloth, which comes in handy for when I’m going to sew with my handwovens.
Which I have planned for the end of Summer.
Summer 2016.
Which is when I will have finished weaving what I set up on my new loom.
Or will have started weaving it even.
Argh. I need more hours. I hear coffee does good things for the amount of hours in a day?

There’s still more sewing to do, with the fabrics I already have. Dress shirts. Pinafores. A jacket next month. I’m also interested in art again. I was a full time art student and also an artist before I fell ill in 2008? It’s rekindling. I’ve bought a little sketchbook for daily use… but hussshh about that because that’s another fragile kitten that needs peace and calm to grow big and playful.

Yeah I don’t have much spare time these days. All caused precisely because I have gotten a bit of spare time. I’m savouring every crumb of it. I’ll continue showing you but it may not be much interesting wool stuff for a while.

UPDATE I was meant to surf how to sew a jeans zipper, not write this blogpost!


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