Tour de Fleece prize received

This week I received my prize for participating in the Tour de Fleece event of the Dutch Karma Swap Group.
In TdF we share our spinning projects for 3 weeks and in the end we all donate a prize and then we all get to choose a prize, in an order that’s determined by a random generator. It’s a really fun and friendly event and it doesn’t matter how much you spun or how often you post.

I chose “Batts made in the colour of your liking” and I liked  the colour “birch”.

This was a bit of a challenge for my friend from the NKS who adores colour-colours but she welcomed the challenge and made me some birch:

It’s BFL (white and oatmeal) and some grey Merino, black wool with silk, white silk, green wool and sparkly Angelina.
90 grams in total.

This will be a nice spinning project in any time of the year! Especially if the day is calm and tranquil. Perhaps a silent Winter day?

For project I’m thinking this could be a yarn with some kind of structure which can be an accent in a woven fabric of solid, light colour. Becoming the front of a cushion.


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