Autumn at the cabin.

Hedgehog in the Netherlands, october 2016. Indigo dye plants on the right.

This little fellow just came strolling by. Huffing and puffing. šŸ™‚
On the right you see my indigo plants in flower.

Inside I’m crocheting away on my blanket squares. It’s a nice autumn project. The squares are stored in a nice autumn-y box:

There are 75 large squares now and I’m looking at how many of the smaller ones I need.

These areĀ the four sizes of the squares (bad colour picture):

5 large ones just about equal 6 medium ones equal 7 small ones equal 9 XS ones.

I filled a page with equations and math to see which combinations will go together. This wasn’t straight forward because 5 : 6 : 7 : 9 is not a very logical combination.Ā 2 : 4 : 8 : 12 would have been so much easier!Ā But I did find some combinations that will work.

However, when I laid things out on the floor and played around I found that not all squares within the same category are the same size. Not all L have the same dimensions. Therefor the combinations I found will not work all the time. Nor most of the time.

Individual fittingsĀ and tailormade solutions are needed. I’m going to have to lay out portions of the blanket, crochet them together and then hope the next portion will kind of fit.

I have no idea if this is going to work… but I keep crocheting squares. Even if this means I’ll have to buy yet more balls of acrylic to get enough squares.

By now I’m too invested to stop this project. A smart person would say: “Stop. Work with what you have. Finish some kind of throw and enjoy the colours. Use the experience to plan a better throw: in thick wool, with workable sized squares, which you will use a lot.”

A fellow yarnie however might understand?
“You just keep huffing and puffing, dear. It’s October.Ā Different shapes and textures are to be enjoyed!”
Hedgehog autumn folliage


2 thoughts on “Autumn at the cabin.

  1. Heerlijk herfstige overpeinzingen. Wordt vast een mooie deken op de kleuren afgaand. En wat een mooie foto van het egeltje!

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