Sitting comfortably on fibre stories.

This is the chair I sit on when I make art:
It’s a vintage stool from my youth. Sturdy, wood and a bit hard on the buttocks. At the moment my childhood blanky is on there, haha, because I only just got back to doing art a month ago and I needed something to sit on right then and there.
This stool needs a soft cushion and I am thinking wool.

I have another stool, my spinning stool, which has the same problem. Its cushion I made many years ago and it’s no longer comfortabel, it’s grown too flat:

I really like this little cushion, I embellished it with some sort of free style knitting, following instructions from a book by knitting artist Mary Walker Phillips:
link to amazon
Her pattern on Ravelry Fantasy Yarn Over only has my projects as projects :s
I long to knit more of this pattern of her every year 🙂 but sadly I never do, because I cannot think of a usable end project.

Back in 2011 I used it to embellish this round cushion and two rectangular ones. Snoring critics inform me that the square ones are still comfy:

I’d like to upgrade my spinning stool cushion. Not replace it. So I ripped open the seam: wow, the stuffing is all flat and felted. It’s some fleece I didn’t want to proces or spin of felt at the time but didn’t want to throw out either because it was organic fleece and of a special colour:
Made in 2011 my project notes say! Been in use ever since.
I’m going to add stuffing and keep on using it.

Now for my crafting stool…
If I can find some sort of felt cover and stuff it with old fleece I’ll have a cushion that works. I could even add some of the freestyle knitting.

Looking around the cabin for a sturdy piece of felt I found my felted sheep bag, the one I made in 2012:

In 2016 it’s not so beautiful anymore as it was in this picture. It’s worn down. Withered. Bald in places. The locks have matted in other. This is no longer a nice bag.
But I find it hard to throw away something that’s handmade, something that reminds me of that awesome day of workshop we had at Wolbeest. Something wooly.

Now I can reuse it. It will become a cushion. I ripped the seams that held the straps:

Then I plucked off the little sheeps head. This will get a special place in my house.
Then I turned the bag inside out, the sturdy felted side now sits on the outside:

I’m stuffing it with the green Clun Forest that was left over from a handspun dress in 2013:

That’s the Clun Forest Lillepoes has shown some love in every step of the processing back in 2013: dyeing, carding, spinning.

I love her little face 🙂 I cannot look at this fleece and not see that happy face inside the paper bag. It was one of the hottest days of that year and there she was, my little cat, stealthily snuck into a bag of wool while I was carding it into rollags, happy as punch.

The spun yarn was scratchy though and I seldom wear the finished garment. I certainly didn’t feel like processing and spinning the rest of the fleece. But I couldn’t throw it away either. Apart from it being good, functional fleece and the happy Lillepoes’ face it also was a gift from a couple who own a small fibre dye business, as a thank you for me being me and being enthousiastic even when I was very ill and inviting them to get a booth at the Country Fair. I can’t throw away wool with that kind of heritage. There are stories in these fibres!

So I used all the remaining Clun Forest to stuff the bag and my spin stool cushion:
The bag is now a cushion for my crafting stool.

The spinning cushion needs to be sewn shut but I’ll do that next time because right now my sewing chair is in use:

Now I long again to “play with knitting” and do that free style sort of thing Mary Walker Phillips promotes!

If I can just think of a usable item that can handle a plain of freestyle knitting…
MWP “only” made wall hangings and I have no need for those.
There’s cushions but it’s not really practical because the embellishment needs to be handsewn to the cover, preferably all over, to remain in place and resist knitting needles and cat claws.
There’s this cardigan that could be an example:

It’s Middlemarch by Miranda Davies, free from Knitty. But I have many other cardigans I want to knit first.
I tried a hat and a scarf once but it wasn’t a happy match with the yarn:

And I did another cushion cover, with a halo-yarn. Which I hate to knit. What was I thinking.

I cannot think of something useful to make and I’m not the kind of person who just sits down to tinker with yarn, without a useful endproject in mind. I think I’ll end up sitting on this one for another year. Or do you perhaps have ideas?


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