my overdyed gloves

I overdyed a beautiful pair of gloves I own. They are purple now:

overdyed handknit gloves purpleoverdyed handknit gloves purple

The pattern is Glacier by Julia Mueller.

They were knit by the same friend who send me the TdF prize “Birch Batts” last week. It’s a pattern with lots of traveling stitches at a fairly tight gauge. Two aspects of knitting I can not accomplish myself anymore because of the RSI (shoulder impingement) that still troubles me.

The original colour was Kent by Zitron Trekking Hand Art, a warm red yellow colour:

pic by Lauramate who’s willing to sell this skein (USA)

I’m more of a purple girl myself and dyed them last Sunday with acid dyes (food colouring plus Ashford Dyes):


I got these gloves as part of a wonderful KARMA day we built together in January 2014 in the Dutch Karma Swap Group.

That particular day most of the group members were at a meet to celebrate one of the members. But a few of us could not attend, mostly because of health or family.

One of these members spontaneously proposed we could do a one day online swap for handmade things. Right there in the group. It grew into a wonderful online community hug, where everybody wanted to pamper the others. It was special!

The new colour turned out beautiful and it feels like I have a whole new pair of gloves again, with the sentiments of that KARMAday still in them:

overdyed handknit gloves purple


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