Making plans for Sunday

The puzzle with the little squares was a bit hard to imagine with just the graph paper. So I put my engineer-degree to good use:
trust me, I'm an engineer
I’ll just call it “a 2D prototype” shall I? Please don’t sigh too loud, this prototype is not yet corrected for metereologic variables.

I’ve got some possible compositions for my blanket now and I cannot wait to get home to the city later today and lay it all out, real scale, on my living room floor. Why didn’t I bring the squares with me?! Now I have to wait. In the mean time I need at least another 38 of the smallest squares.

In other news: sometime during the day yesterday I wanted to make an offer in a swap in the Dutch Karma Swap Group. It’s the Back To Front Swap where someone states three wishes and then various people offer to fulfill one of them and she chooses one of the offers. While exploring the stash in the cabin’s wool room for suitable laceweight I found this beautiful sock yarn:

It’s Gems from indy dyer Moonwise in the color Cassis. Moonwise no longer dyes for business but her yarns and designs are amazing:

This yarn I have won in the very same Dutch Karma Swap Group 🙂 It holds good memories. I’ve put it in my bag to take with me to the city, where I keep all my quality sock yarn. It’s a prefect colour for my winter palette, I want to knit with it asap.

Saturday I spend crocheting 38 little flowery blanket squares and in the evening I knit some on my sock in progress, the one from the sock blank. I’m just turning the heel on the first sock:

An hour before bed I realized I’ll be attending a lecture today and even though there will be only fibre people attending, it will be a bit strange when I take off my shoe every other minute to try on my sock to see how the heel is coming along. (Listening to a lecture = knitting time.)

If only I had a simple cuff to knit during that lecture…

This need for mindless knitting married my desire to knit with the Moonwise Gems and together they will have a cast-on baby this morning:
 pics by Christa Hartmann
The pattern is Butterblümchen by Christa Hartmann. It’s been in my favourites list on for a long time now and it’s free!

Needles 2mm. I’ll borrow the ones that are currently making the heel in my socks. I will have a cuff and a bit of leg to knit during the lecture!

The lecture is about eco dyeing and making ink and paint from plants. It’s at Feltingstudio Odijk, (Viltwerkplaats Odijk) in the middle of the country. I will be driving there by myself and it’s the reason I drove to the cabin in my own car. Afterwards I’ll drive to the city. During the day my husband will bring his car and the two cats to the city. And my crocheted flowers. And the other yarn that stuck to me when I was visiting the wool room.

With the lecture comes this book that has been launched Saturday:

“Eco-verf” by Anja Schrik

I’m very interested and will tell you about it soon.
Now I will start my day by parking one sock and jotting down instructions for the next one. And baking pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast, for lunch and for travelling. It’s always pancake o’clock on my watch!

A Short Sunday morning waffling about pancakes:

I’ve got this pancake thing down. I bought an RVS/stainless steel pan from IKEA. (I bought two: one for the city, one for the cabin.) Put in a lot of coconut oil (the size of a quarter of your fist), wait till it’s really hot (drop some drops of water in it, they should fizzle violently), pour in some batter (should be fairly liquid. I make it myself from flour, salt, 2 eggs and a lot of milk. Include some buckweed for the real taste.) First it’ll stick to the pan but in a few short minutes it will detach. They come out crunchy! It’s like crisp cookies (like Vegter rolletjes!). Best with ginger jam 🙂

I’ve got this little plant, it’s called a pancake-plant:

From a lovely shop, Werk aan de Winkel, who sell happy things and vintage plant species. They have recently started a program for the plants that are not good enough to sell. Because they grew skewed or failed to thrive for a while.

The shop owner cannot bear to throw these plants in the trash so people can now adopt these “kneusjes”


One thought on “Making plans for Sunday

  1. Your plant is a Pilea Piperoimodes, you are lucky to adopt him! I had to pay almost £10 for one about the same size as yours. They are difficult to get hold of. The plant was not actually identified until fairly recently and the story is interesting. But I love the fact that the shop owner can’t bear to throw away the plants that aren’t perfect, that is just lovely.

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