Bits and bobs: wardrobe and wips

Looking fancy:
Grey handmade outfit winter
This is what I’ve been aiming for. That I can just pick random stuff from my wardrobe and it all fits together. A dress shirt, a handknit vest, a canvas lined skirt, some nice socks (and often leg warmers).
This was my outfit last week when I visited another city and had fancy cake with a knitter friend. Wearing clothes like this makes me me feel all fancy and cultural.
Now with cardigan and felted bag for outside wear:
Grey handmade outfit winter
Just add shoes.

Ready to knit the Wolop handspun sock in 1, 2, 3:

Tying some knots into the yarn to remind myself in which sequence to use these balls. On the right is the true 3ply sock yarn, with all three breeds, for the feet of the socks. The middle ball is a 3 ply with 2 breeds, good for legs and cuffs. The right one is the leftover 2 ply, 1 breed, good for a lacy cuff.

The indigo experiment is a dud. The writer of the book, Eco-verf, answered me personally to insure that I had done things right and that if the solution does not turn green when adding the CaOH than there’s no indigo in the leafs.

To get some sort of satisfaction with eco-dye I tried the recipe on p. 239 for ecoprinting leaves on concrete. This will also work for unglazed ceramics and eggshell:
ecoprinting on ceramics, recipe from Anja Schrik
I’ll make a separate post of it.

I started Concrete Cardigan:

It’s not as neat as the pattern example in the bulky millspun yarn. But I’m soldiering on, doing three rows of purl-rows instead of two, for added contrast.

I hope it will fit in with the wardrobe Grab ‘n Match idea I described at the top.

And I knitted on the Moonwise Gems sock:


One thought on “Bits and bobs: wardrobe and wips

  1. Die kleding staat je echt ontzettend goed. Ik snap waarom je je er zo lekker in voelt. Ik vind je rok ook helemaal geweldig.

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