Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting by candle light

Ooh, aah, knitting in Winter:

Such idyll…. let me just pop downstairs and make a cup of tea to go with this peaceful moment.

Came back and someone had taken a bite out of my finished sock:

Even adorned with a candle and crystal, fire remains a hungry beast.

No, I didn’t plop my sock into the flame. I put it on top of the yarnbowl and it leaned over while I was downstairs. (The yarnbowl was closer to the candle than in the photo.) Nor did I leave the candle unattended, my husband was in the room but he didn’t notice. But he is used to a certain “wooly bric à brac” around my chair and I think his nose is growing “deaf”.

Luckily sheep wool doesn’t ignite, it just kind of smouldered. The 25% polyamide/ nylon did melt and it stank. I’ve now broken off the black pieces and the sock has camped outside for a night to get rid of the smell. Now I will repair it, somehow.

Lesson learned.


2 thoughts on “Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting by candle light

  1. I hope you can mend this pretty sock without frogging! Lately, I burned a hole into a sheet of music over a candle while in the kitchen fetching something, with three men in the room not noticing the smell!

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