Weird Wool Wednesday: goldilocks mittens

There once was a little knitter’s hand called Goldilocks who had gotten herself in a mitten that was way too tight:

She then spend a whole day designing a bigger mitten, with snowflakes instead of leafs, because she was a spesiul one herself.
But when she tried it on…
It was way too big. And the snowflakes looked awful.

So she threw a tantrum and dunked a mountain of spiced December cookies in her tea and felt sorry for herself and binge watched the British sci-fi series “Humans“.

The next day she decided to not try and be more clever than an owl mitten and just knit the darn thing on a slightly larger needle. As is, with leaves.
And it fitted perfectly.

All she needed now was a small bucket of time to knit this mitten and then its partner and then little Goldilocks and all her friends would be warm and cosy for the Winter.

But alas, this is no Disney fairytale.

This is a European tale in which the fridge door just broke off its hinges (?!) and Goldilocks best friend demands attention all the time because she’s bored or wants food or whatever:


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