First Advent Sunday

The Advent star looks good in the front room and we have a second one up in the attic:
advent first dayUntitled

I watched the Random Knitter podcast together with Lillepoes. Random Gwen is showing off Wolop yarns. We are fascinated.

I’m knitting an unexpected knit:

Fir Cowl by Ursa Major Knits. I saw it yesterday and casted on. Don’t know why. Cannot justify.

It has an interesting crocheted cast on where you crochet around your knitting needle:

The yarn is the custom dyed grey purple glitter yarn from Het Wolbeest that I used for cuffs:

I’m combining it with undyed yarn of the same base: a tightly twisted two ply sock yarn (fingering weight) that some people find too pronounced to use at the soles of their socks. It’s good shawl yarn though.

I’m knitting on needles 2,25 mm to get a gauge of 28 st per 10 cm. I’ve got two purple “trees” and now I’m to knit them together using a white “tree”. Fir Cowl is a modular knit.

Of course:
advent first dayadvent first day
Yeah, yeah, yeah, put a sock in it.

I finished and soaked some cuffs made from the left over of the Slush Sock Blank Yarn. The colour washed right out of the last picture but here it is before and after blocking:

It didn’t block as well as I hoped. Stitches still look a bit unregular. They only used 15 grams of this soft fingering yarn.

And I made panna cotta! A new well loved recipe and my vintage ceramic pudding mold:
advent first day
advent first day
Yeah… well… uhmm.



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