Baking spicy cat cookies

Out for a day to Nijmegen, to visit a knitter friend who is knowledgable about cats and arts and cooking. Wearing my Bleuet dress and store bough coat:
outfit handmade dressoutfit handmade dresskoekjes bakkenkoekjes bakken
koekjes bakkenkoekjes bakkencookie cutters

Overseeing procedures is Luna,  a clever cat and very sweet. She has art for a feeding bowl:
koekjes bakkenkoekjes bakken
Luna’s roommate is Odin, a cat who’s not so smart but very lovable. He has the softest fur I ever felt on a cat!
koekjes bakkenkoekjes bakken
He’s so sweet, we could eat him up.
koekjes bakkenkoekjes bakken

My friend lend me this book:

of which I raved before. This is such an inspiration to read while preparing for the stranded knitting improvisations I’m going to do starting Thursday!

On the way back to the train station I bought a new hat, at Capello, a proper hat shop:
koekjes bakken
Ready to solve some yarny mysteries!


RECIPE for speculaaskoekjes/ gingerbread cookies.
Prepare dough the day before.

100 gram soft butter. (I use full fat “roomboter”)
200 gram flower (I use 150 weat, 50 rice)
75 gram sugar (I use 50 gram dark caster sugar, 1 full table spoon of gingerpasta)
3 gram baking powder
1 ei (large or otherwise add half a spoon of liquid if necessary)
lots of spices + extra ginger + extra pepper + cardamom. (we have prepared “speculaaskruiden” in Holland but it needs extra pepper and ginger and cardamom)

Mix everything together. Leave the dough to rest, for four hours or overnight.

Next day: let dough warm up to room temperature. Roll with a pin (or bottle) into a slab of 5 mm thick. Use your cookie cutters. Place cookies on a plate. No need for paper or grease, just put them on the plate but leave room between them because they will increase a bit in size. Don’t put small parts (limbs and legs) too close to the edge because the edge may get the hottest and they’ll burn.

Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Put plate into oven and bake cookies for 20 minutes. Check now and then, you might have to turn the plate a bit. Since it will take 20 to 23 minutes this is a relaxed bake, with plenty of time to check and adjust.

They’ll still be pliable when they come out of the oven. They need to evaporate their moisture and then they will get hard and brittle. I turn them upside down while they’ll still hot. I tell myself it’s to help evaporate but really, I just want to play with them. I’m not sure if they stick to the plate if you don’t play with them, I’ve never tried.

It is rumoured they have their best taste the day after baking. But I’ve never tested this.

I really like cookie cutters but somehow I never bake cookies. Today, in Nijmegen, was only the second time ever that I baked them. Still I have about ten cookie cutter shapes, I collect them. I love unusual shapes such as cats and unicorns and would love to have some more.

As it happens, right across from the hat shop is a cooking shop. Bingo!

cookie cutterscookie cutters
I bought some more! But not the owl, that one is too complicated for me. You’d need two colours dough or something.

There’s already a new batch of dough resting in the kitchen, ready to become cookies tomorrow.


One thought on “Baking spicy cat cookies

  1. I love those owl cutters! How utterly adorable. It seems to me that what makes the pattern doesn’t cut as deep as the edge, so it makes an indentation, nothing more. Which means that you do not need two colours at all! I need to find a webshop that has these, I’ve never seen anything like it, but I’ve been thinking them up for years – and finally I see some! Woot!

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