Weird Wool Wednesday: Dragon Drapey.

Remember my friend and neighbour who’s going to crochet a Lillepoes-Lalylala doll for me? She’s going to do that right after she has finished Dirk the Dragon for herself, and she has:

Beautiful! She crochets so tight and neat.

She’s using Scheepjes Stonewashed and she said it was a daring case of yarn chicken. There’s only 15 cm’s of the green left, out of two skeins at 130 m each = 2600 cm’s total.

Next project will be my Lillirocco:

But first Dirk the Dragon needs a scarf, as per pattern:

and I’m knitting it. Coz that’s how we divide and conquer the world. She crochets my crochets and I knit her knits.

It’s a boring knit: “cast on 8 stitches, make stockinette stitch for fifty-five centimeters long, cast off, add fringe.”
55 cm. That’s a bout a foot, I think? A whole dragon’s foot worth of fiddly knitting to and fro.

(at this point I’d like to deny the fiddly to and fro knitting I’m currently doing on the Fir Cowl… but I can’t… deny.)

Anyway. I was looking forward to experience Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn myself so I casted on last weekend. On needles 2,5 mm because I always need to go smaller than pattern needles.
But after a few centimeter I knew didn’t like the fabric much so I changed to 2,75 mm. You can see the transition in the fabric somewhere between my pink and ring finger:

I told myself I could get away with continuing as is. “The ends of a scarf are better when they’re a little firmer anyway.”

But then this morning I admitted I still don’t like the fabric much, it’s just not Dragon Drapy enough. The original scarf looks so comfy and drapey. Mine just doesn’t.

So I changed to 3 mm. This looked way better and after a few more centimeters I knew this is the right drape. I can’t get away with another change in gauge so I frogged the 15 cm I had and am starting anew, with the right needles:

Now I’ve got a whole foot of dragon scarf to wander through!
And it’s the last day of November and there’s no time and wouldn’t it be lovely of Dirk the Dragon also got some matching mittens for Winter? And what about a matching messenger bag, that would be awesome.

(Also I’m wondering if 3,25 mm wouldn’t even give a better dragon drapeyness to this scarf.)(drapeness)(drapiness)(drapability?)


One thought on “Weird Wool Wednesday: Dragon Drapey.

  1. If 55 cm equals a foot, then it’s a rather large one…it’s actually closer to 22″ as one inch is 2.54 cm. But enjoy your knitting, at least there’s not that many masks on each needle,. 😀

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