2 december: not a scarf person

Day two is bright blue! I was thinking of a blue tree in the snow, like in Lorix5’s shawl:
Lorix5 infinitive cowl tree segment

Made a chart, started knitting:

Realised I hate thin scarfs. Not just dislike them. Hate them.

O my. There’s nothing to it, I have to frog. But this is giving me stress because will I catch up today? Probably not, my day is packed with stuff I have to do. This is giving me stress:

But I have no choice. I’m not a thin scarf person and would never wear it. I have to start anew, this time casting on 120 stitches instead of 96. Both are magic numbers for stranded knitting because the can be divided by so many pattern repeats. Mostly 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18. (120 more so than 96.)

I’ve started anew and for todays stranded bit I am now looking at a polar bear on a sheet of ice instead of a tree:

Woodcut reduction print (my favourite kind of visual arts!) by SherlockHolmes6

I haven’t knitted on it today but My Glitter Fir Cowl is trucking along:

But it would help if I didn’t try to knit this into a scarf either:

Forgot to decrease yesterday, forgot to triangle 😉

In other news my Tour de Fleece 2015 handspun cuffs match my new hat so wonderfully:
cloche hat and wrist cuffs handspun
I wore them again today, after a long day of Being Useful and hours of Sinterklaas Cookie Baking, when I wanted to pop down the shop to buy some more spiced chai tea for a tea party I’m throwing tomorrow. Wore lipstick even but forgot that nice vintage bag, brought a fabric WIPbag instead.

Halfway I grew too self conscious. Turned around and went home.
Sometimes a day is just done. You’re better to dab the lipstick of your lips and bury your face in cats, cookies and yarn.


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