5 december: are you kitten me?

This is the snow leopard I made for my nephew yesterday:
With this gift:

Turned out he got the exact same LEGO StarWars Advent Calendar from his mum!

This is a lovely little knitted cat I got on Saturday from Tineke from Atelier Het Groene Schaep:
tiny knitted cattiny knitted cat
Isn’t it darling? It’s a pattern by Tiny Owl knits

Today the post arrived with gifts for the cats:
A new scratching post and the purple anti gobble food bowl Luna showed off last week when we baked spiced cat cookies at her house.

These are all the gifts for humans that Saint Nicholas dropped down the chimney. We’ll be taking them to Gouda later today:
Sinterklaas 2016
I still have some poems to write.

If you think this looks like a wooden shoe….
Sinterklaas 2016
you’d be right. It’s a wooden shoe you can hang on the wall outside and fill with peanuts. It’s a bird feeder, Dutch style. It’s a gift for the husband of Lieneke. This one needs a poem desperately!

This box has a picture of a gnome’s hat on it. On top it reads “don’t throw” (in German). I know someone who likes gnomes
Sinterklaas 2016 from Lieneke Bosman

and this is the gift that’s just plain silly:
Sinterklaas 2016
Hee hee hee! She’s going to love it! (I hope)

This is the cat that had to scoot over because I needed room to wrap the gifts. Not pleased.

This is the colour I got from the Wolop Adventbox: purple!

I’m going to combine it with my supporting grey:

I’m inspired to use a pattern from this book:

This book I got from Sinterklaas a couple of years ago, when Lieneke from Wolop had travelled to Japan with her husband. Japan! Where they love knitting and the Scandinavian style of living.
And also:

Cats in cowls! You are kitten me and I love it.


2 thoughts on “5 december: are you kitten me?

  1. O wat een ontzettend mooie kaart. daar zal hij wel ontzettend blij mee zijn geweest.
    En humor dat hij twee keer zo veel kados krijgt met de kalender 😉

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