6 december: Sinterklaas and rebellious tree buying

Sinterklaas was a succes. This was the silly Sinterklaas wrapped gift:
krokodil kussen crocodile plush
A handsewn crocodile for Lieneke. Very soft! It has taken me weeks to make it, with the faux fur jamming up my antique foot treadle machine. But it’s a success! She likes it!
krokodil kussen crocodile plushUntitled
There were also pancakes and an owl mask with a poem attached to it and cookies. Crocodile cookies!

With all the crocodiles and Sinterklaas yesterday I didn’t get to knit with the purple Advent skein and the supporting grey I had chosen. That turned out to be a good thing because because today there’s a grey in my Wolop Advent box!

These are all the colours I have now, (supporting colours on the right), and I’m trying out things on StitchFiddle to see how things look. Not actually knitting them though :s
Maybe tomorrow 🙂

Today I did buy a x-mas tree and a …. “top-ornament”? We call it “piek”, a “peak”. Tree and piek = business completed right?
It’s a bit of a rebellious tree buying really. We bought a plastic tree three years ago because it was easier and less mess and my husband doesn’t care for decorating anyway. Although he does like the lights. But I miss the real tree-ness. Right from the start I missed the real thing. I was miserable that first plastic x-mas. The next year I brought hedge clippings from the cabin. Last year I bought a small foot high tree which I put next to the tv. And this year I bought a real sizes tree. I did. Only me. By myself. Without talking it over. A choice I made and then executed. Just because I wanted it, a tree.

Then I had the health to actually do it. In stead of having to rest all day I went out. Walked the kilometre to the car, drove to the store, chose a tree, had it wrapped, chose a piek I wanted instead of something cheaper (this one has a star on it!), I loaded the tree in the trunk, drove home, carried it into the room, drank the cold tea you see in the picture (made it before I went out but forgot it), parked the car and walked the kilometre back. Yay!

Btw, this is the yarn holder I’m using when I ball up the little Wolop Advent skeins:
It’s an oldie that a friend once gave to me. I like old things. This one is better than the new ones, it’s designed to hold skeins of different size and can handle these small ones well.

This is how far Glitter Fir Cowl now is:

I like the way neat little ridges frame the triangles. I found a way to pick up stitches first instead of attaching every row to the purple part as you go. Now I don’t get so many holes at the join (caused because I’m a loose knitter). And the purple parts have a nice ridge now too.

This is what I knit today. Hopefully finished in a day or two.


One thought on “6 december: Sinterklaas and rebellious tree buying

  1. Yay – tree! Real trees are more environmentally friendly…I just read some research that’s been done, and it’s clear. Real trees rule. Besides, the do something with the energy in a room. And the scent is fabulous.

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