10 december: the wrong white

The white I’m using as a supporting colour is thicker than the main yarns, it got all ruffled around the x-mas balls:

It looks awful. The difference in thickness also shows at the bottom of the shawl:

An undesired hour glass figure.
I thought it was my gauge, but it’s this white yarn. It has 360 m per 100 grams and the Wolop yarn is 425 m per 100 grams.

I frogged the top part and am reknitting things. Today’s colour is a rich rusty orange:

I used it to catch the x-mas balls and it looks beautiful! Now I’m knitting the Norwegian Rose in yesterday’s royal blue on the teal from day ..

But things are getting a bit too colourful for my taste. I really want light colours in there too. Soothing white accents.

So now I’m frantically searching for an undyed sockyarn with the right meterage, 400 to 425 m per 100 gram, that’s soft enough to wear against the skin. I have some of the 2ply yarn left from Fir Cowl, that I will try for small specks of white. The problem with that particular yarn is that is fuzzes quite easily (because I’m a loose knitter). I noticed this on my purple stranded cuffs, they are 6 months old and already ratty.

I’ve found a webshop that sells BFL-Nylon yarn in the right meterage, undyed, but of course their webshop form crashed. So I’ll have to wait until someone comes into the shop on Monday. If they do…

There’s other wrong white around the house too. These daisies haven’t bloomed all year and chose mid December to be in flower:
white flowers bike
Weird white.

Let me show you THE RIGHT WHITE:
Rossling handknit socks
Rossling handknit socksRossling handknit socks
A gift from Nieslief, who knit these socks as part of Sock Madness 2016 and they were too small for her. They are a small 38. Which is just ok for me.
They are beautiful!
Such intricate knitting… Very lovely, very soothing. Something I really really appreciate today. Thank you, dear Nieslief.

Pattern Rossling by Leslie Comstock


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