13 dec: winter knits, more owls and The Wrong White #2.

Today’s Wolop Advent colour is a midgrey. And the colour of the other day is x-mas green:

But alas, the white skein has not arrived, so I’m not progressing on my shawl. This is as far as I got:

The reindeer (more moose, like) and some small bands bringing back some colours. In the pink are little orange things and in my mind they are the tops of purple crowns. To celebrate a knitter friend who’s daughter performed for our Queen Maxima last weekend. She sang the solo in a performance with her class mates. Very proud.

All my Wolop Advent skeins and the shawl travel in a little suitcase:

In just a day or two I’ll be travelling for four days and this suitcase will come with.

This is how I looked yesterday, at my pattern drafting class:
sparkly ring wristwarmerssparkly ring wristwarmers
Very wintery palette. That’s the cheapest ring I ever had, something like 2 euro’s at the Kruidvat. It has little pearls and a silver butterfly and I love it! I’ve had it for years. It’s my magic winter ring.

Wearing my glittery Wolbeest wristwarmers. And mum, this is the bolero-thingie you gave me for my birthday. It’s perfect over my warm grey blue longsleeve and it sits high enough to show the bow on my red handmade dress.

If you’ve got a distinctive curve in the small part of your back, you’ve gotta emphasize it. The tighter things fit there, the looser things can be at the front, where I keep my fat rolls and ma belly. Smart waistless people, unite!

Talking about waists: the stranded owl vest and I…. we’re just not working together. Not sure of you can see it here but the two whites are pretty obvious in real life.

I’m going to relieve myself from this. I’m going to frog back to the owl part and cast off there. Perhaps I can use it as is.

Perhaps it’s time for stranded kidneywarmers to be in fashion again? I’ll see if it does anything for the small of my back. Or my belly.

In the same vein I realized that knitting up the very stripey sockyarn doesn’t give me pleasure. Perhaps the pleasure was in purchasing the skein.

I’ve marked this as “frogged” on Ravelry.

Instead I casted on with the indigo dyed sock yarn. Another leafy sock! The same pattern as the onion dyed and the woad dyed socks, but this time I’m doing cuff down.

pattern Blattwerk by Stephanie van der Linden. Not the best paid-for pattern out there. But lovely leafs!

I’ll be pretty relaxed with the leaf patterns, just winging it. Not trying to make the identical pattern. On needles 2 mm.

Remember this one?

I’m actually crocheting a border around this today!
I’d love to bring it with me to Midwinterwol, which starts the day after tomorrow for me, with a long drive up north.

It’s such a lovely and cosy piece of knitwear.
Others think so too:


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