14 dec: Succesfull living at 60%

Today I’m up to date with the revealing of my Wolop Advent colours again 🙂 For the next few days the little bags go into my owl suitcase and will travel with me to Midwinterwol, the wool fair in the north of the Netherlands.

I’ll be assisting Lieneke from Wolop in her booth. Surely there’ll be some time to knit?

I can knit on it again because the white yarn is here! Send with a lovely x-mas card and the new issue of Ashford’s magazine the Wheel. Thank you, Textielwerk Wol En Zo!

My next pattern will be the x-mas trees! I’ve been looking forward to them since day 2 of this Advent adventure.
knitting chart x-mas tree stitchfiddle.com
This is the chart I eventually made. You can copy it freely, if you like. I think it’s publicly shared over at StitchFiddle.com, with this link.

Not sure when I will get to knitting the trees, I’m travelling to Midwinterwol tomorrow with Wolop and there may not be any time for knitting until late at night. And I’m not good with charts when I’m tired…

I baked myself some cookies for encouragement:
And to play out stories. The little deer is called Bambo. He’s all sweet now and looking for a new friend, preferably a rabbit. But he’ll grow up to be a famous boxer and actor.
The squirrel isn’t buying it.

To make the transition from the soft contrasts of the past week the the distinctive white and x-massy green I inserted a line with “harsh” blue diamonds with white centres:

For this I had to do 3 colour knitting!
There’s also a row like this in the orange crown chart, which you can see better now.

3 colour knitting goes like this:
1. have a cat insist on sitting in the way
2. have one colour on the left and knit it continental. Have one colour on the right and knit it English style (flicking). Have one colour on the right and knit it Dutch style (throwing).
3. have a cookie.

Then I finished two things today!
The stranded owls have indeed become a kidneywarmer:

The bottom border flips…. there’s nothing I can do about that. I’ll see how much it annoys me when using this. Besides it still needs blocking, that might bring some good no?
At the top I did 5 rows of 2×2 ribbing and cast off with JSSBO, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

And the handspun Blue Texel/ Shetland thing is finished!

Ooh, how I wanted this shawl/ blanket to be stylish. To be city like. Sophisticated. To go with my fancy clothes and fancy jewellery and fancy bag.
But all this time I was very worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn for a nice border. And I had no idea how to ration the uptake of stitches to the diagonal knitting. You know that when you’re picking up stitches on a right angle, the ratio is 3 stitches for every 4 rows. But what is it for diagonals? That and the not-enough-yarn was enough hindrance to stop me in my tracks. For months. And that’s a pity. Such a pity.

This week I once again reminded myself that at 60% life is easy. Or maybe not easy but certainly life at 60% is doable. Living life at 60% makes you not sweat the small stuff. And even though you may not be proud of the things you do, you can do a lot in a day when you perform at 60%.

In terms of result, 60% is all right too. 60% results is not bad, not bad at all. You can work with 60% results. It’s better than 50% and way better than zero.

So I took my Blue Texel Shetland yesterday and I just crocheted a border around it. Any border. Just double crochets on hook 5 mm and that’s it.
Job done, shawl usable (it already was in use, just not outside of the house) and now not looking too shabby.

Alright, it does look shabby… with the loose ends dangling and the borders flipping and I probably could have crocheted a better number of stitches and also in another size hook and a wider border because I have pleeeeeenty yarn left. A knitted border would use even less yarn and with some kind of ribbing I could counteract the flipping.
Aaaaaaand… that’s thinking at 85% and that will ruin my day.

I’m glad it’s finished. I get to use it officially now! Once again I’ve felt how utterly comfortable this piece is, it really is a joy to touch. Way more sympathetic than my acrylic blanket, I must say.

Lillepoes certainly knows it. She knows when living at 60% is a gateway to 100% satisfaction:
cat under knittingcat under knittingcat under knittingcat under knitting

cat under knittingcat under knitting


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