17 dec: Midwinterwol Saturday

It was a great day! Nice people, nice colleagues. Some unexpected fluffybut visitors walking by. A new colour in my advent box and I knitted my x-mas trees and some little elf socks on my Advent shawl
We were selling these great little turkish spindles, handmade and laid in with copper. They spin like a dream! (They’ll appear in Wolop’s etsy shop, at some time.)
Lieneke teaches people to spin in 20 seconds.
I bought new Visjögarn at Lidaholm.nl because this stranded knitting thing? I’m not done yet!
And great apple green yarn from a fabulous breed from Wales called a mule. Soft but not pilling fuzzy soft. Yes, for a vest. Not done with those either. (Need to sew more/better dress shirts to wear under them. Pattern pieces for them are laid out on the table for weeks now, as a matter of fact I was finally drafting the very morning before I took off for Midwinterwol. And then I had to go.)
The knitwear with the little knots on them were the fair’s star item. They are from Peru and are directly imported by the lady who sells them. Her daughter lives in Peru and is married to a man from a mountain village where the whole village now makes these things. The lady flies to see her daughter once a year and stuffs her suitcase full with knits. This little wool entrepeneurship serves the mountain village well and pays for the education or 14 children. 🙂













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