20 december: little weaving boats in the sunfilled harbour

Last weekend I bought a weaving thing at Midwinterwol. In Dutch it’s called “a little weaving ship”. A “weefschuitje”. (as you know by now you can just glue “je” or “tje” right after any noun and it instantly becomes an endearing little version of itself. “Beertje” (bear-tje), “autootje” (car-tje), “breistertje” (knitter-tje).)

Our bedroom was filled with sunlight, overlooking the harbour, and I wove for quite some time:

I love that this is called a weaving boat and outside are the big boats:

In other news: today’s Wolop Advent colour is a nice pink:

And making x-mas cards was unsuccessful.
I’ve now released myself of the obligation.
These are the sketches. I was thinking a cat under a handknit hat, all cosy. Cat feet! Little cat toes!
But it didn’t work. The ease wasn’t there. The chuckle while thinking of cat feet just wasn’t coming. Perhaps scared away because of my plans to paint 16 cards:

I gave up and just doodled a bit:
That was fun! Chances are I will doodle for a bit some time this week, just for my own fun, and then a nice thing is the result and I can share it.

A late Sinterklaas gift I gave myself:
Purry chop stick holders hold pencils gladly!

I hope tomorrow is another sunny day.


4 thoughts on “20 december: little weaving boats in the sunfilled harbour

  1. And in Norwegian we call it vevskyttel. Clearly related! And I love “beertje” – it sounds (well, when I say it, that is) almost like my name (Berte). I know this is not the meaning of my name, but I quite like being a little bear as well… 😆

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