Weird Wool Wednesday: mordanting for plant dyeing workshop

Last weekend I had to let the mordanted skeins drip out like this:

Because the wooden beads should no longer touch the wet wool. Those are the wooden beads I use to mark my skeins, to tell them apart from the skeins from the other dyers at the workshop.

They are wood. Oak.

Which has tannin.

Which is a dye.

Which I know.

Which I also have read in various natural dyeing books and on numerous sites.

Which I even used to my advantage when printing oak leaves on that little flower vase, only a few weeks ago.

But which I completely forgot when I was focused on dyeing with mushrooms.

Now all my skeins have a brown stain. Securely set with heat and all.

I think I’ll need to change to different beads before the workshop, otherwise I’ll dye with oak again.

Also that day, there was a man standing in his undies in my garden. A deer-man:

peeping Tom deer meneer in onderbroek in de tuin Here he is again, just jumping onto the earthen wall:peeping Tom deer meneer in onderbroek in de tuin

It was a weird day overall.


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