Weird Wool Wednesday: it’s a stupid hobby anyway.

Grrrr! All my WIPs are misbehaving!

Take for example my Snow Birch Hat. I had this idea of creating a fold so it would be more of a cloche hat, my favourite shape of city hat.

Birch hat won’t play. Fabric too bulky. This is not sophisticated at all.

I should lose the brim, perhaps make it into a Rikke hat. But I spend hours and hours on that ribbed brim! It’s double knit too. Hours I say!

I wanted it to offset the rustic character of the handspun and also use the commercial colour to show how much nuances the white handspun has. That works really well. I don’t want to loose the brim. But I also don’t want to wear this hat….

Talk about Rikke hat, this one made from Passe-Partout Silk Merino handspun has been finished for days now…. but I haven’t cut the yarn yet. Because I don’t like the overall colour much. Actually…. I think the heathered look is just ugly:

What to do, what to do… Frog it and use it for weaving? I’m not going to wear this hat, not in the city anyway.

Then why don’t I do something that I know is going to work? Like knit the thumbs on these mittens:

I was so stoked to knit these mittens from my Frau Holle handspun! All they need is a little pair of thumbs. Brainless knit. Just one hour work I estimate.
Why don’t I just finish the thumbs then? I’ve got no clue! I’ve been carrying them around with me for weeks. Have even lost the needle by now.

The contigious top down cardigan in the blue Irish wool has received a nice sleeve detail a few weeks ago. Designing that was the thing that prevented me from knitting on it for a year but I designed it in december and I knitted it and it looks nice:

This was all I needed to get me into motion again on this cardi and I thought I’d have it finished in a matter of days.

But alas. As soon as I made some serious progress on the second sleeve every round started to chant that I won’t have enough yarn left to knit the body. And it’s true that that ball in the picture is all that’s left. But my other cardigan from this yarn is also 500 grams of the wool and is long enough, Deco Cardi. This cardigan should be fine. Except it isn’t. Is it the cables that eat up all the yarn? Is it a tighter gauge? Or perhaps there will be enough yarn??

In the end I just couldn’t stand the suspicion so I stopped knitting on it altogether. Which is ridiculous because
A. it won’t solve the riddle whether there is enough yarn or not.
B. I’m cold. I need this cardi!

One possible solution is to shorten the sleeves. But I hesitate to frogging the one I finished. I’ll loose the detail and may not be able to reproduce it…

(Mind, by now it’s been several weeks since I knit the detail. I’ve already forgotten mostly how to do it and I’m at the point in the second sleeve that I need to start it anyway. Hopefully I can read my knitting.)

Another solution is to buy more yarn. But the price has gone up and I have plenty of other yarn left and if I buy this again I’d buy another kilo and I don’t need four cardigans in this colour and there’s going to be a difference in colour.

There is one knit that delights me and that I wear, it’s this hat:

I didn’t knit it myself but it is my yarn. A friend knitted it for me as part of a swap 🙂

The pattern is mont-royal by tshep, just like my hat from Zazu yarns. The blue yarn is Dutch Wool Diva Sock Twist in colourway Twilight:

On my request my friend didn’t block it (so I could get it asap), I was going to block it myself. Which I haven’t done yet:

Shoulda coulda woulda. Why don’t I do this yet?? The stitches will even out and it will look even more gorgeous than it does already.

Instead I’ve been wearing the hat as is and started a set of matching wristwarmers with the remainder of the skein:

And then I abandoned those because I thought I should wear this gorgeous colour near my face. This yarn should become a cowl!

So I started pattern Ahomansikat Cowl by Pirio Brax:

It only takes 230 m of fingering weight (sock yarn weight). Top down pattern. Free!

And then I left it unknitted because I grew doubts over the lace part. Surely this yarn looks better in a stockinette stitch, with small details in the knitting itself such as eyelets or purl stitches? Besides, a cowl with the fabric held double will be much better for me then a cowl with just a single layer, I should do the top part in a double layer and the lace part single.

Thinking I know essential improvements to the pattern and consequently already worrying about running out if yarn I’ve now not knitted on this project for several days.

Instead I’m knitting on my sportsweight Serra cardigan. I got really far after weeks and weeks of knitting on it:

before discovering I’d been doing all kinds of stupid:

Way way too wide and ugly ruffle.

To make it even more bitter: there was reasoning behind the stupid.
“I need an FBA, a Full Bust Adjustment. Let’s cast on a lot more stitches at the underarm. And put in some increases at the sideseam. Don’t be shy. My gauge is different from the pattern anyway so I better put in some more. Ah yes, some bust darts too.”

Yeah… sigh.
The thing is I cannot continue on Serra and fix it later on because now I won’t have enough yarn for a normal length cardigan and long sleeves.

All these WIPs I knit into trainwrecks…. I need an intervention. Or a simpler hobby.

Well, there’s always the sewing I’ve planned for today:
How hard can it be?


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