Bremen and Lüneburg, in a non-sensical photocompilation. I didn’t bring my laptop and now I don’t know my passwords to the blog-places…
So I have to somehow get the pictures onto my iPad and you can see how I did this: saving Ravelry pictures and even taken a picture of my phone. Sideways.

Anyway. Germany is lovely!
Bremen is known for the Bremen music players and a wonderful little part of town called Schnoor. It’s unbelievable! Small houses, built close together. And there are artisan shops in every one of them!

Lüneburg has two yarn shops. In one I bought souvenir yarn, Feinheit, of 16 micron. That’s as soft as kitten bellies.
In the other I saw a merino-acrylic mix of which I want to knit a cowl. I’m just apping my neighbour to see if I can knit it for her. I think she likes the autumn colours but I love the darker one.

We’re sampling lots of chocolate!
I found this strangest of cakes: clotted cream marzipan poppy seed cake. It’s delicious! I just had some for breakfast.

Atmosphere of the city is wonderful. Nature is close by. I’ll tell you about it when we get home and I can show better pictures.

In the car I finished the bottom of Serra cardigan. I now picked up stitches along the sides for the collar/button band. Ready for knitting on the car ride home, tomorrow.

Before we travelled I cast on for the back panel of the grey Pumpkin Ale cardigan. This was such good knitting that “cast on” ran into the inches fast.

The cats are taken care for and are really happy! Lillepoes sits on the lap of my brother, who’s wearing monster slofs.

We saw a house near the Lüneburg Heath that had an observation construction, for stars.

Here are the pictures, in no particular order:


















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