Peabody Sweater is now a cowl and wristlets.

This sweater from 2014 has been too tight from the beginning:

Not a very pleasurable wear.

So this week, 3 years later and as many wears, I washed it on 60 degrees so now it’s as small as it feels:

(I remember that it took ages to knit this!

First I fooled around way too long with the lace pattern because, of course, I knew better than the designer <insert roll-eyes>

And then I knit the thing too tight. And the sleeves had to be redone. And I didn’t know how to bring sleeves and body together nor do I understand the three needle shoulder bind off. And it illustrated my time as a very sick person (ME). The sleeves didn’t fit a second time around either so in the end I inserted a gusset at the underarm:

Probably a second reason why I do not enjoy wearing this pullover. All the memories of frustration. A third reason is that it pills quite badly.)

That’s all moot now. Because I semi-felted it and then took my scissors to it and now I have a cowl and wristlets:

The body is the cowl, one sleeve gave me two wristlets.

The yarn is Studio Donegal Soft Donegal, a 100% Merino, and it’s soft. Lovely to wear now that the Winter is making a second appearance. Or maybe that just me being bit coldish after our Germany trip. I’m still very tired from that. I went outside today for the first time since we came back but I still have to rest a lot.

Resting indoors in a 100% Merino cowl that covers half your head is not bad 🙂


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