Spring spinning clean up.

End of Winter, new things are developing:
This is how I like snowdrops the most, with their neat little bells.

Today I’m spinning some of the Iboy Wintersilk and the colours of the Great Tit came by:
Koolmeespic by Harmen de Vries
We call it “koolmees” in Dutch, “coal-bird”, because of it’s black face.
“Mees” being the same word/bird as the German “Meise” in Wollmeise:

Shhh, it’s all connected. Wool is everywhere in the world!

Tell that to the squirrel whose nest blew out of the tree tops yesterday. He lost all the merino that he stole over the past year from my fleece rug FIP (felting in progress):
Last Autumn the squirrel stole my merino from the Fleece I was felting into a rug. Then lost it from its nest in one of the Spring storms.UntitledUntitled
What a nice cosy winternest he had made with it!
Just now, I put all this back under the car port, where he can find it again.

I myself am also riding a new wind (is that a polite expression in English? Not sure.) and changing living arrangements involving wool because I have decided to sell my spinning wheel!
This one:
Mirabelle handmade spinningwheel based on MajacraftMirabelle handmade spinningwheel based on Majacraft
The all-round, multi-purpose, hand made copy of Majacraft’s best: the Mirabelle.

It’s an excellent wheel, specifically made for someone with joint pains: no trembling, adjustable heights and angles. It carries big Louet S10 bobbins and can spin the whole range from art yarns to Long Draw. And it is collapsable for easy transport. Sturdy oak.

I cannot really rationalize why I’m ready to part with this wheel…
I don’t do art yarns much (which is why the Countryspinner is being sold too, gasp). For Long Draw I have my antique Finnish wheel which is made for just that.
My default spinning weight is thicker than most people spin on these supple modern wheels and I love to do that on the vintage Louet S70 (of which I have two, ahum) so why should I keep a wheel that’s equipped for so much more?

Modern wheels, like this Mirabelle, allow you to always spin in your most comfortable way and adjust the wheel to get different weights or yarns.
Turns out that I’m in the minority that instead likes to adjust my technique to the wheel. I love to spin everything on the S70 and just change my speed of treadling, the way I hold my hands or how much I have to “fight” the wheel in order to produce different kind of yarns. Since I don’t spin much thin yarns I don’t need a supple, advanced wheel. Besides, with a stable of seven wheels selling two sounds reasonable 🙂

So it’s for sale. And I’m all right with that. I think.
I’m in conversation with a German lady who got the scoop on my intention and is first in line. I’m waiting to hear back from her, she has not replied for several days now but she does have the flu so I’m waiting a bit longer.


In the mean time I cleaned out the bobbins and made a photoshoot of the wheel. Man, this is a good wheel! So much attention has been given to the technical details…
There are about ten of these Mirabelles in existence. I doubt there’ll be any more. The maker is a wood worker and metal worker and his wife spins and has joint pains so the concept of these wheels was well studied and executed.
If you want to, here’s the photo-album on Flickr with lots of pictures and explanations.

This is the only Mirabelle that carries big bobbins, apart from the one his wife has. I feel like a fool parting with it… big bobbins that can spin stable Long Draw, that’s like the unicorn of spinning wheels! I must be a fool for thinking about selling. What’s in this Spring air??



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