Weird Wool Wednesday: startitus interruptus

Today I wanted to cast on three vests, a sock and one hat. Seriously.

I was going to show you funny pictures too.
A picture of these new WIPs-to-be (5) and the WIPS I’m currently working on (3 socks and 1 vest and 1 cardigan and 1 spinning project) and the WIPS I very much want to work on (3 cardigans and 1 weaving project and 2 knitting related sewing projects) and the WIPs I don’t want to work on and stuffed in the back of the closet but that I ought to get back to (3 cardigans and 1 shawl at least).
It would be funny, taking stock of the WIPs and I would knit like the wind all Weird Wool Wednesday long!

But here I am. Sick in bed. With a sore throat and or lungs. All day.
This is my third cold in seven years I think…
I’m never ill because I have this low cortisol level. It makes for a mean and reactive immune system 🙂 You could say I have a diva warrior defending me. “Everything is a threat and they must BURN!”

It seems I’ve crippled my warrior at the wool party, taking perhaps too much of my cortisol Hormone Replacement Therapy. There has also been some stress the past couple of weeks, with the planned manure plant next to the cabin (I’m still fighting them in court). And yesterday I had to manage a doctor at the hospital into getting me the exam I need. Not an easy thing to do since they are very overworked at that department and the times are still not ripe for patients who are competent discussion partners in their treatment. But we’re getting there. Luckily less and less doctors feel threatened by patients asking questions and giving suggestions. But it takes some grace and social skills, both of which take me a lot of energy to muster and apply.

Anyway, stress ups cortisol levels and cortisol surpresses the imune system but you have no time to be ill so you soldier on.
Untill you do have time. And that’s why you get ill at the beginning of your holidays or after you’ve done the doctor thing or done the legal thing. The stress has lessened overnight but the cortisol rages on for a while, it being a slow train of an anti-stress hormone.
You finally have time to be ill and so you are.

I’ve been in bed all day. Coughing and sleeping. Lillepoes likes it a lot. Not the coughing bit but the sleeping bit. It’s nice 🙂

I thought I just pop in here and talk to you, from my iPad. Hopefully tomorrow I can take those photo’s. But honestly, the magic moment has gone. Tomorrow looks to be just plain old regular Thursday.

But we’ll see. Haven’t touched wool today. Might be a decisive factor on magic.