Knitter in Duplo… which WIP to knit?

These are the WIPs I so desperately wanted to start last Wednesday:
yarn works in progress
That’s three vests, one sock (slightly knitted since yesterday) and a crocheted hat. Laying them out here make me desperate again. So much startitus!

Yesterday, at the end of the day, I was well enough to get out of bed and have a little supper and do a little knitting. I needed mindless knitting so I started a new sock in blue-grey self striping yarn. It’s Wolop selfstriping Harry Potter yarn in the colour Ravelclaw. It’s very nice yarn! Beautifully plied and round and soft. The silver almost gleams. Very soothing to knit with.

I can’t wait to cast on of the other projects but I really shouldn’t start any at all. Not while these are the WIPs I’m currently actively working on:
yarn works in progress
That’s a vest, a cardigan and two pairs of socks.

There’s also this spinning project. Jeansblue Shetland, started about a week ago:

It already speaks to me, of an easy wearing pullover with a large cowl. This fleece is so soft…

I love sitting in front of the doors to the garden. It catches light in the second half of the day, as the cat will tell you. This is about half the fleece, carded in batts:

Hello. This is where the sun shines. Always.

Then there are these WIPs which all live near my knitting chair because I cannot wait to get back to them:
yarn works in progressyarn works in progressyarn works in progress
That’s three cardigans. Spring wearables.

For each one I just need to reread my notes or do some re-assessing before I can dive back in. But jus now, touching these, laying them out here, makes me want to knit themmmm! Because I want to wear themmmm! Spring will be here soon, maybe even next week! Especially the grey one and the rose one I’d love to wear next week. Better get knitting!

Oh and I also want to work on this project very very much:
yarn works in progressyarn works in progress
This is my view every morning when I get out of bed and it almost hurts.

Yes, I want to work on all of these! Any! Now! But which one first?

I’m so in Duplo…

Ak. New models. All cartoonesque. With easily projected personalities.
Is this the way forward? Should I put googley eyes on my projects and stash and see which one has the highest PR properties?

(Lets not mention the other WIPs, the ones in the closet. With the way things are going I’m afraid if I take them out to photograph them I fall in love with them all over again too and want to knit them instead.)
(Let also conveniently deny any knowledge of sewing. There’s just not enough time in the day.)