TdF day 3: weaving instead of spinning.

Weaving with handspun, that’s in the right spirit right?

We were sitting in the front room because the door had to be kept open because it has just been painted. I was warping up the loom and my husband was doing his technical thingietinkering when suddenly two women walk through the door, straight into our living room. 😳
“Oh, how quaint, a workshop!”

We had to politely stare them out the door -without them touching the bright, wet, red paint!- and then we had the hardest time telling the bossy one that I am not a skilled labourer; that this is weaving not woodworking and various facts about the history of our house that she was certain she knew better than us.

Later we set up the computer for life streaming (the Belgium one is the best!) and watched the finale of today’s etappe in Tour de France. It was very thrilling! Peter Sagan won. After mistiming his final sprint and then losing his grip in his foot clip.

Tomorrow I can sit in the sitting room again, away from the front door, and can do some spinning. Today I do a little more weaving. Just one more row. Just oooone more.


2 thoughts on “TdF day 3: weaving instead of spinning.

  1. Good heavens! People sure are queer ones.

    Glad all they wanted to do was look around, not harm you.

    And yes, weaving with handspun is in the spirit. 🙂

  2. People are amazing at times. What on earth gave them the idea they could just walk in? I mean, if I’d come across a true workshop I would still have asked if it was ok to look around. Honestly, some need refreshers in how to behave. Good thing you got them out without them spoiling your paintwork!

    Love the little loom, and weaving with handspun is definitely the right thing to do.

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