Weird Wool Wednesday: mystery yarn.

I’m weaving with a handspun that isn’t on my Ravelry notes.

I can alllllllmost remember spinning it. When I close my eyes I can alllllllmost see the rovings it’s from. I can remember the handspun I spun around the same time. But I can’t remember this one.

It’s the weirdest thing.

It’s a green 3ply, with some red and yellow accents that are from my very first dyed locks (of Dutch eco-sheep. Dyed with food colouring.) Is it a sock yarn?

Hey! It’s a 4 ply! I remember…. I alllmost remember…. I wrote about it … England…. holidays?… why a 4 ply? what was the plan? I need a detective sheep. Detective cat is useless.


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