TdF day 9: greens and another WIP bag

Today I did some real spinning! I sat under the beech at the cabin and spun the rolls I made last weekend at studio Spinspul:

I spun up all the rolls, all 100 grams of it. Tomorrow I hope to card the other 100 grams into rolls and spin them too. I already see a vest knitted with this! With a band of lace across the (upper) chest.

It was a lovely day of spinning in nature. A friend came by:

And after my husband and Poekie went home I watched the Tour de France while spinning:

They were climbing up Mont Du Chat, “cat mountain” 🙂

Over here Cat Mountain is better known under it’s street name, Mount Snore:

Lillepoes is very happy to be here! We, just the two of us, are staying on for another two nights so I will be showered in many cuddles I’m sure 🙂

Right before the Tour got really excited I managed to make a Stylish Yellow Jersey WIP bag:

It’s a pyramid bag and it will be a price in the Dutch Karma Swap Group Tour de Fleece Tombola.

I’ve had a wonderful Sunday 🙂


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