TdF day 10: Fiber prep and another WIP bag

Today I carded the other green Merino into rolls. With angelina for sparkle:

I enjoy making rolls on the drum carder. Mine are not very tight. Best for spinning on a wheel, I think, not so much for precision instruments such as supported spindles.

For the Angelina there’s a bit of a trick to it, to ensure nice spinning later on. First you lay down a layer of wool. Then you add the sparklies but you give them a little blanket of wool at the same time. This prevents the sparklies flying around and being grabbed by the smaller carding roll:

I was so glad to have the drum carder out -I had installed it on the porch- that I took on that other carding job that I’ve been meaning to do. The Swifter into batts. Last year I tried to dye part of it sap green, which I failed at.

Enough time has passed and I’m ready to take this into a different direction. I had picked the wool earlier this year. Today I carded the white with the lightest colours, for just a little hint of color throughout the garment.

I was thinking vest (=200 grams) but I was carding away happily and now I have this:

450 grams. That’s an adult sweater/ pullover/ cardigan.

I did a little test spinning and there’s a problem there. It’s not a nice 2 ply:

The wool doesn’t draft to my liking. Too much kringle; too much nepps and bits and there’s also a little too much lanoline in it. I won’t enjoy spinning a sweater’s worth of this.

I do love to hold the batts. They are so lofty and smell so nice. So now I’m looking to see whether Swifter can be felted. First google seems to indicate so.

Now I have to think about that… what it would become then. My head is still at “garment”. Light coloured, winter warm, snow princess….

Annnnd this morning this happened:

I made another pyramid WIP bag! This one’s for me. Made from darling cat fabric and matching zipper that I got for my birthday last year:

Isn’t that a great gift for a crafty person?
It has been inspiring me the whole year and today I knew I had the skills to do the fabric and zipper justice.


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