TdF day 14: wove with handspun (and spun some green)

This is a functional weaving, good for a little WIP bag:

(I’m sure I do not have enough WIP bags yet)

This handspun is lovely!

The end is funny, the skew is intentional:

Nice for the front of a bag, no? Wider at the bottom.

The evening light does not portray colours well. There are many nuances. I can’t wait to warp the loom again an weave up some more of the handspun. I have two moving boxes full of it in the attic here!

Perhaps there’s a little time next Sunday.

Oh and I peddled on the wheel fiercely! Still not spun enough rolls to start the plying tomorrow… but perhaps Sunday?

I’ll also do the dishes on Sunday. Paint the window sills. Sew some pants. Tend to the cats. Vacuum the bed. Tidy up some rooms. Take a bath. Make chicken stock. Take my dutiful rest at noon and 4. Have a walk in the evening. And go into town and buy some cotton and then warp the loom. And eat chocolate. And recuperate from a trip I’m taking tomorrow to visit with some darling knitters.

July the 16th will have 48 hours this year.


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