TdF day 21: arrived at the cabin for a “wool-cation”

I brought the Merino and the Shetland to spin and the yarn spun from the green rolls to cast on of a sleeveless vest with a lace panel across the chest:

Lillepoes and I will be staying here for 10 days. There will be some woolly fun! On Sunday there’s a spinners’ party at a friends and on Tuesday I’ll be dyeing with indigo under supervision from Lieneke from Wolop. !!!

For the other days I have a request list as long as my arm: spinning, knitting, sewing, felting, washing fleece, carding, flicking, picking, dyeing. But first it’s relaxing and taking a walk around the property, taking in all the green.

We got chased back inside because the country side is filled with big flying stinging beasts, “dazen” in Dutch.

I’m already 30 rows into the vest! Oh, how nice it is to knit with handspun. I made good notes on my other Debbie Vest and can just follow them. Gauge is girtually the same.

Lillepoes is exstatic to be here, I just received a cuddle session that was more passionate then I’ve ever known.
It has been some time since we were here so I understand. I suspect I’ll see more signs of kitty happinness over the following week 😻😻😻


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