TdF Finish!

I had a wonderful spinners’ party!

There were lovely people. One spinner who helps a lot at Trollenwol and had all kinds of tips for wool fairs and festivals. One spinner who works at the Louët factory!! She’s a furniture designer/spinning wheel designer. And the host has a tea and spices shop, Thee en Kruid, and we were allowed to test all the testers of the teas.

I had a blue tea and a pink tea. The pink tasted like apple pie. Oma’s apple pie. Apple pie tea! I want to make you a cup right now, you should really experience it! (unless you’re allergic to nuts).
It’s called “notendroom” and is one of the most luxurious melanges in the shop.

The blue tea is called “Blue Butterfly” and is true blue in real life. I added a bit of mint which caused it to be green blue. The blue comes from the Kittel-flower which is the Dutch name for Asian Pigeonwings or Darwin flower. Kittel is a German coureur in the Tour de France 😀

We all were spinning festive fibres! Ineke spun purple filled with glitter. Sanne plied neons and this purple yarn with her beautiful WIPbag (from Spinspul I assume). Tibbe was spinning red, a favourite colour, and was given the red WIP bag. I spun my Merino and it was even better than anticipated, especially when I flicked the other sides of the locks too.

It’s already finished. 60 grams yielded 83 meters of lofty, super soft aran thinkness Dutch Merino.

I feel like I know these sheep personally because they belong to a knitter friend of mine. They are Saxon Merino, living in Europe, so no mulesing is needed (although that practice is going out of fashion fast. All New Zealand Merino is already mulesing free and equally sympathetic Australian Merino can be found too.)

Saxon Merino’s are related to one of the other soft soft European breeds that I love: Bowmont. I’ve written about them before, both the fleece and the yarn. I visited the breeder in the UK once, Devon Fine Fibres. Incredible professional and passionate people! Natural is an entrance to their yarn, I think.

Ooh I have luxury problems! Will I flick some more locks? Make a second cup of apple pie tea (I bought some to bring home!) and spin some locks? Wash some more locks perhaps even??
Or will I lie back on the couch and see how I feel about this:

That’s the new green sparkly TdF handspun rolls vest (I love how, in English, you can just stack the property describing words nearly endlessly) and I’m looking to see if I like the look of its lace panel.

At the top is the lace part of the back panel, that one I like. It was knit bottom up. The front panel at the bottom is knit top down and I tried to mirror the back panel. Which required a bit of hotseflotsepocus. This is jargon for an educated guess Pippi Longstocking style.

Yes I think I’ll do a bit of handspun knitting now. With tea. Pippi Longstocking style: put my feet up and doing something I know little about boldly and with confidence.

p.l. What an incredible finish today 🙂

Lovely how Pippi comes around again and visits my spirits. Featuring in my TdF ravatars for years now. And my regular ravatars.

(yes that is Lillepoes. When it was her first year at the cabin, being very happy. I shopped a Pippi wig onto her and she’s been my ravatar for years.)(She’s right beside me now, on the couch, very happy to be here again.)

I think I’ll go and join her for a lie down on the couch. Right after I’ve made my cup of apple pie tea.

Love, Anna.


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