Accio Potter Soccus!

My Ravenclaw sock is my travel WIP. It’s selfstriping yarn with a mini for heel, toe and cuff. All handdyed and skeined into a ball that changes colour with each direction by Wolop.

That ball is fun to knit with!

I want to utilize as much of the striping yarn as possible. So for my second sock I’ve done a provisional cast on and when the foot is finished I’ll go back and knit as high a leg as possible. Half a leg, because I want to use the rest of the yarn on the first sock.

I really like it, being in Potter-world again. I always reread a book or watch one of the films around this time. This year I also read a curious fan-dom fiction about a Harry Potter who grew up in the Muggle world as the son of smart parents. He’s very smart himself, very rational too. To the point where I’m convinced he’s a sociopath, or at least his writer is.

It’ a great read but to enjoy it you’d probably have to be a Ravenclaw or Slytherin yourself. There’s a lot of thinking and scheming going on, not much loyalty and friendship.

Anyway. Pottersocks! They’re fun to knit!

Now see here what Wolop announced:

The Wolop Harry Potter Sock Club!

She’s starting a sock yarn club in 2018 with a Harry Potter colour way every month! 120 gram! Plus goodies! For 25 euros!


This is the announcement for the January installment:

Owl post. The first installment is called Owl Post!

One skein of 100 grams plus a mini of 20 grams (that’s a big mini!). And goodies. If you want to participate, email Wolop at

Unghhhh, this one is hard to resist. But resist I must! Because there’s a second monthly yarn club she’s going to be running and I have already put my name down for: The Wolop Artist Fingering Yarn Club!

Again 120 gram of specifically dyed yarn! Plus goodies! For 25 euros including domestic shipping! Inspired by one specific artist! If you need to know more you can email to

The January artist is:

I love Van Gogh.
He’s all about the colours. And the expression of feelings.

Which Hogwarts House would have suited him?

…. I’m thinking …

Because although he was ambitious, courageous and thought a lot about the true nature of things, his main trait is the connection he felt for the people he painted which were also the people in his life. The love radiates from the canvas. The pain too, like when he paints the hard working farmers.

Loyalty to human kind as a whole is very palpable in the works. It must have lived in the man too.

 art The Dark Starry Knight by James Hance


ready for Wolbeest Cat Sock Month!

These are all the catty WIPbags I’ll be using the coming month:

This is a nifty little needle holder, it will hold your needles while your knitting’s still on it:
Works both for dpns and circulars.

It was a gift from Sinterklaas, via Lieneke from Wolop. She thought I’d might like to make little ensembles of the Cat Sock Yarn Club I’m joining next month. And boy was she right!

She put the idea in my head and now I’m really looking forward to having everything neatly together and knitting with the four exclusive colourways that Wolbeest has invented to celebrate four cats. A new yarn every week! Plus minis! Plus goodies!

The roll, with the cats on it, is to hold my Inktense pencils and is also a gift from Lieneke and Sinterklaas:

Another thoughtful gift! Because I’ve been drawing cats the whole month of december. I can only show you the black and white doodles I did:

The colourful ones are still a secret because they are some of the goodies part of the Cat Yarn Club studio Wolbeest is running. There are still a few spots and international shipping is offered, if you want to.


Weird Wool Wednesday: 5 years to make a WIP bag and still the cat acts up.

In the Summer you saw me embroidering a cat onto the bag that I had been sewing for a while now. Featuring an owl kitchen towel I bought in Dublin on my last real vacation, back in 2013:

Since the Summer I’ve started sewing lessons and my teacher can fix anything and she taught me how to make the handles and the strip and rescue this bag. She also has a fancy machine and I did this with it:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
Fancy stitching to fasten the strip to the bag, exactly in the middle, and a big button hole. It’s my first button hole ever and it’s the biggest the machine can make:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
Yay me for not ripping through the stitching when I opened it up!

Now I can finally use my fanciest button, also from the same trip to Dublin, that I’ve been petting for five years now. It’s a ceramic handpainted and handmade button by Maria.quinn (facebookpage). Bought in a sweet yarn shop in the centre of Dublin, with a café right outside where I had very good porridge. Such a nice memory.

The button will be perfect on a cat lady bag filled with good memories of nice people and lovely moments.
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button

Sewing it on I used two Miyuki beads for eyes, because otherwise it would be weird, having a horizontal stripe of thread running from one eye socket of the cat to the other. It though myself very clever of finding this solution and I even used green beads with dark purple centres. Very catlike!
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
I’m so chuffed. Finally FINALLY this WIP bag is finished. From an idea and special materials from 5 years ago to things coming together last Summer over a lovely visit with a fellow cat lover on to meeting my sewing teacher who radiates courage and then last week putting in the last effort and even sewing in all threads and making everything neat.

So clever:
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button

So dumb….
handmade bag purse embroidered cat ceramic button
The beads make the button too big for the button hole. Typical cat behaviour.

Communicating in wild colours.

Wolop and Wolbeest have chosen specific palettes for their advents boxes. Besides the two semi solid ones I showed you yesterday they both had a wild and sparkly one for Advent 2017.

 pic by FiberRachel, from the bird house project bags.


Both using high quality, soft yarns with sparkles.

Talking about colour, I gave myself a hard cover comic book as a present:

“Portugal” by Cyril Pedrosa. In it he makes sure every page has a certain colour palette, to convey meaning and emotion:

I already own another book of his, The Lonely Hearts Club, in which the use of colours is just as marvelous. Plus he depicts French people like you wouldn’t believe it.
Cyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustration
Cyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustrationCyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustration
Here the colours are not transitioning per page but per row or even per square. One comic square leads to the next, in the language of colour. It creates such a flow when reading this comic book. Ah, we humans are such eye-animals, we revel in colours!

If Pedrosa is a knitter he must go wild for stranded knitting!
I’ll be using my Advent boxes for stranded knitting for sure. I’m already putting skeins together and pushing them around and making new combinations. Pedrosa’s books are an inspiration. They help me to get away from the standard combinations like these:
BalanceKika project outdoor shots 07Bokeh Star HDRPeanut M&M'sA palette for winter daysThe Old Tree

It’s wonderful how both indy dyers are offering a unique palette which allow me to go “Pedrosa” and not “crayola”.

x-mas colours and other colours

Wolop’s plant dyed Advent fingering yarns all together:

Wolbeest semi-solid Advent fingering yarns in my tree:

This picture gives you a better idea of the first half of the box:
 pic by DorineZ
The second half had purples and pinks and reds and greys and silver.

I didn’t finish my green Week Before X-mas hat:

It’s getting too big (although you never know for sure with a tube, tubes always end up tighter). And the fabric is kind of stiff. And now I’ve discovered a hole. All in all it’s just not a pleasurable WIP for me and it made me procrastinate a lot.

By knitting this:

A loose fit sweater from Tour de Fleece sparkly bouclé yarn I made in 2014, just one day after I hosted a nice TdF finish party when I made a purple bouclé, what a nice TdF that was! with my first Nunoco batt too with an amazingly thoughtfull swap. Combined with the undyed Irish aran yarn that I love so much. (Donegal Yarns Irish Heather)

I’m winging the pattern. Just provisional cast on for the yoke and increase 8 stitches every other row. When I ran out of green yarn I attached the white and knitted on until I thought it was long enough.

Then I divided for the sleeves and body. The body is finished now, I added some waist decreases and increases. I fitted it yesterday and it’s not so boxy… apparently I’m afraid to run out of white yarn and have made it rather snug below the bust. Oh well, true to me I’ll be.

It’s sparkly green again…

Sparkly green is such a x-mas colour! It’s the best companion for red which fits this time of year so well. It signifies living mainly indoors, shorter days, making things warm inside. It’s why I am wearing my red dress today:

Deer & Doe handmade dress from 2 years ago.

Red is very nice for today but I already feel something else stirring: the colours of Frau Holle time:

Frau Holle Time is the time between x-mas and half of January. (February perhaps even).

It’s a time of introvertness but you can already feel things are about to be shaken up. Women do their spinning. The spinning of yarn and the spinning of the threads of time and life. We are preparing for a new year, a new life. Still cradling the old life, the old year, but already things are brightening up and new life is stirring beneath our feet and we are no longer bound to the ground nor to the time of clocks. We are flying through the skies, overseeing land and life.

Oops, I get carried away each year like this… sorry. Here’s a post from 2013 and here from last year if you want to see more colours for this time of year and Holle. I may redo my x-mas tree after x-mas… there’s still a big box of white and silvery ornaments in a corner of the room.

This is the Frau Holle statue at the Frau Holle lake near the mountains in Germany:

Frau Holle is a goddess from before vikings or celts. She’s the patron of spinners and loves cats. She’s a year-round goddess associated with all seasons and with farming and husbandry and plants and fertility. She’s also knows as Hulda and was later incorporated into goddesses such as Frygge and Perchta, when male/warrior values started to dominate European culture and religion, as they still do today.

sewed a skirt for my bodyshape

Finally I learned to sew well enough and draft a pattern to fit my goblet shape to make this:
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest

The under carriage of a goblet has “a case of the no’s”: no waist, no buttocks, no hips, no thighs. So a straight shape suits best, with a flare at the bottom to match the “flare” a goblet has at the top (yes, I mean breasts/shoulders):
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest

Also a flare facilitates walking. Good argument.
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest
I like walking.

I’m wearing my Super Groover vest:
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest

pic from Muppet Wiki
And my Wolop Advent Calendar shawl 2016!

Look how the small of my back is now serviced by the shape of both skirt and vest:
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest
“Sway back” is the term? Anyway, it explains why I should always decrease my knitting at the back, to avoid these folds that are still showing.

Yes a nice skirt. Lined too! Now I’ve got a basic pattern that suits my body type and that I can sew and sew it again, in various fabrics and various details.

Details like pockets, got to have pockets. In this one I made one continuous pocket  running from one side to the other:
handsewn skirt flare goblet shape handknitted vest
It’s a thing of wonder.

Week before x-mas

nr 1 in my queue:

pattern: Week before Christmas by Mary Renji
It’s worked top down, which is a very good thing.

I’ve got some whitish tussah silk and some dark green sock yarn that was supposed to have 20 % silk in it. Only when I dyed it a nice light green the “silk” turned out to be some kind of un-dyeable stuff (bamboo? acrylic?) and a sweater worth of yarn turned into a glittery x-massy mess:
 post from 2015
Ugh, I can’t wear that. Excellent choice for a x-mas hat though.

So got myself some merry crochet hooks:
haaknaalden crochet hooks swirly colourful
Ho ho ho, off I go!


What a difference a day makes…

They where fine when I put them on yesterday morning. But this morning:

The yarn just disintegrated!

Must have been pure merino, without nylon. It was also dyed with plants and it faded considerably from when knitted:
 I was ok with that, I loved the colour and watching it change.

Pattern Lambs and Chickens and Bunnies, Oh My! by Ros Clarke, from Sockmadness past Spring.

post 1 halfway

post 2 finished

I will cut away the foot and knit a new heel and foot with other yarn. I’ve got a new travel WIP now. Yet another one. Let’s hope my self worth as a knitter keeps remaining unfazed by the number of WIPs and hibernating projects that live around my house. Ah, optimism is a wonderful mask for denial to wear:
Fun mask pic by Inger Maaike