Advent box day 2

Het Wolbeest revealed a lighter colour of the first day and a wonderful stitchmarker by The Woolly Dodo:

Wolop had a second marvelous plant dyed colour, akin to the purple first one:

I’m guessing it was done with cochenille. I know Wolop has a specific dyeing technique and rinsing sequences so that the colour takes really well and will not bleed. It’s amazing what saturation she can achieve in plant dyed colours!

Even though my fingers itch to knit with these beauties I will not do so this Advent. I plan to open a gift each day and collect all the colours these two independent dyers have thought out and then look at them and pick and match for a project. For all I know the boxes are in a (rainbow) gradient and that is not something I want in my handknits.

This Advent I had in mind to do some spinning. I am more of a spinner than a knitter anyways. Spinning relaxes me. 🙂

So this morning, as I took pictures of Wolop’s yarn, I did some fiber prep:

That’s the Merino I washed this Summer. I plan to wash the second half this month. I’m combing the edges of the locks, it’s called flicking. Then you can spin straight from the lock and get a smooth yarn.

I have another fleece I can prep, a black and white ecological one. I brought it from the cabin to the city last week. (Actually I have two. Sssh, they both are in The Attic Of Denial. Time runs differently there.)

And the grey eco-fleece is on the wheel, ready for plying. (And then two more binliners worth of fleece but I may push that backwards a bit. I’d rather spin easier fibres)

Like this gorgeous sock blend:

Merino Nylon by Hedgehog Fibres.

And that’s it! This is the only “normal” spinning fibre I have!

The rest is these fleeces that need prepping, some left over long staples mulberry silk and a box full of short staples yak that needs to be carded into rolags first and then I’d need to get the special fast spinning wheel from the cabin anyway if I want to spin it. So basically besides this Hedgehog I have nothing to spin. You know how it is:

 pic by

The flicking of the Merino locks is relaxing though and I count fiber prep as spinning. I won’t have time to do all the spinning anyway but December (and January and February) are typically spinning months to me and I look forward to having a little bit of quiet time each morning and play around with the gorgeous fibres. Each morning, as I open reveal the next installments of my Advent boxes.

OK, gotta go. Sintersushi is upon us. In about two hours a poem will be read and a maki will be eat and there will be a happy cat. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.