Weird Wool Wednesday: reading the Sock Madness brioche pattern.

The pattern is Checkbox Socks by Rachel Leggett. It has brioche stitch and a fleegle-heel.

I’m a cheerleader in the competition and I’m making little drawings here and there to spread some cheer. People love it and I love that they love it 🙂
Somebody even gave me a pattern from my wish list, just to show their appreciation!!

For people who finished this round’s sock there’s a bonus pattern: Firedrake by Sarah Wartofsky

This one has intarsia in the round! Sock Madness sure wants to introduce new techniques to its knitters. It’s a great incentive and group to make you indeed venture into these techniques.

I made this drawing for the designer, Sorabird:

In Japanese ink and brush. (sumi-e)