Weird Wool Wednesday: Pavlov’s knitter blocks her shawl

When a knitter soaks her item before blocking and the colour runs through, she reaches for the bottle of vinegar, to fixate the colour.

A few years back I did just that. This shawl made the water blue when soaking before blocking:

It’s Echo Flower Shawl┬áby Jenny Johnson Johnen. Knit in 2010, when this story takes place. I changed the shape of the shawl, the design originally is a triangle.

It has a beautiful lace stitch in it:

And I put beads in. Special beads! They were real shells. Tiny white curly ones, like pearls, with a beautiful shine.

Which they promptly lost when the vinegar hit them.

Because vinegar is an acid.

And acid eats calcium.

Like shell.

I realized my mistake fairly quickly, before my “beads” dissolved altogether. Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!

Shawl salvaged, beads and all. They lost their shine but nothing more. Lesson learned. Didn’t drool.