new Sockmadness pattern: Expecto Draconum!

The new pattern is Expecto Draconum by Elisabeth White
 pic by E. White
Aren’t they elegant?

You do need to be flexible though, to pose like that.

It has colour stranded knitting and I’ll be trying out a new technique: ladder back jacquard, where you have an extra purl stitch in the area with one colour, to secure the second colour. It makes for very stretchy colour work.
 pic by teaching site Fabriclink

Now hundreds of knitters are rushing through the pattern instructions and this stranded knitting.

The first round of SockMadness had 1315 knitters starting the pattern and 775 knitters going through to competition teams. The second round had 594 of them going through (6 people did not finish in time and their teams did not fill up).

The third round had 400 going through to this pattern, Expectum Draconum, and of them 200 will proceed to the next round.

I started the pattern too. With a dark purple and that pink Wolbeest Hibiscus variegated. If I make one sock that would be good. It can be partner to my checkbox sock, which has a similar looking front, to non-knitter eyes.

The new pattern for Sock Madness dropped yesterday afternoon. And this morning somebody already had finished a pair!

That is madness.

They must have a true sock knitter’s outlook on life: