Weird Wool Wednesday: done with flowers

When I picked up my Crazy Stripes sweater yesterday I did not understand where I had left off:

??? a flower?

Had I already abandoned the pattern and thought of some genius alternative? (This truly was my first thought. Including the genius part, hee hee.)

Then I remembered Lentesokken, with their flowery cuff:

I was so smitten with the little flower that I tried out the instructions as soon as the pattern came out, on the knitting I had in my hands: the sweater.

How sweet.

Now it’s time for the flower to go, I want to work on the sweater. I have been working on it for months, after all.

“Lentesokken: project started on the second of April”

Ah. Uhm… so that’s when I abandoned the sweater? I’m going to take out the flower, it’s done.
Sunny Side Up pic by Wes Peck


One thought on “Weird Wool Wednesday: done with flowers

  1. Well, great ! – imnsvho, it’s well worth persevering with. After all, Anna, you are a very good … ahh … rectifier. 😀

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