About MarvelKnits

This is a place to put some of my knits. Handspinning and felting too!
My name is Anna. I think wool and funny dresses make life better.

I live in the country of Holland. It’s in Europe at a spot where some big rivers join the sea. There are no mountains here but it’s a very fertile swamp which we drained a few hundred years ago and called it the Netherlands.

There are over 17 million people in this little country. We are home of the Texel sheep and the Zwartbles.

is named Lillepoes. She is a short-haired Birman. She turned 11 at August 6.
She loves me very much and I her. We live in a little cabin in the woods amongst farmlands, most days. Some weeks we live in the city, in our historic house on one of the canals.

is Poekie. She visits the cabin on weekends, together with our best friend: my husband.
Poekie knows her wool, she’s a right snob. I always have to hide everything and keep an eye one her.

You are very welcome to reply to my posts, I love to read your comments.

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