About MarvelKnits

This is a place to put some of my knits. Handspinning and felting too!
My name is Anna. I think wool and funny dresses make life better.

I live in the country of Holland. It’s in Europe at a spot where some big rivers join the sea. There are no mountains here but it’s a very fertile swamp which we drained a few hundred years ago and called it the Netherlands.

There are over 17 million people in this little country and we are in the process of finding a way to live together and still feel like there is a bit of breathing room. For this we often look at the skies, at our river landscapes and to the sea.

Our country has a strong past of Christian values and tradesman keenness. This makes us as a society take care of each other (European socialism) while being liberal at the same time. (For example we have affordable health care for everyone and it includes abortion and euthanasia. Which, as a result of open education and de-taboo-ing, both happen only in a few cases each year). We also innovate all the time and are world leading in water technologies and plant bulb production. We are the second largest food growing and exporting country in the world, after the US. This is weird because we are tinier than two New Jerseys put together.

We are home of the Texel sheep, the Zwartbles and Heideschaap.

is named Lillepoes. She is a short-haired Birman. She turned 11 at August 6.
She loves me very much and I her. We used to live together in a little cabin in the woods amongst farmlands. Nowadays we live in the city, in our historic house on one of the canals. She takes me for a stroll along the canals some days. In the weekends and holidays we go back to the cabin, much to Lillepoes’ delight.

is Poekie. She visited the cabin on weekends, together with our best friend: my husband. Now we all live in the city. Poekie has learned to share her best friend with me and now she loves me. She merely tolerates Lillepoes, unless they lie on my husbands lap together.
Poekie knows her wool, she’s a right snob. I always have to hide everything and keep an eye one her.

You are very welcome to reply to my posts, I love to read your comments.


4 thoughts on “About MarvelKnits

  1. “we have affordable health care for everyone and it includes abortion and euthanasia” ! Yours is a marvellous healthcare, then – totally admirable; AND in a ‘christian’ country. Down here we *pretend* – not well – that we’re christian. Well, our various levels of government do: it enables them to wag their fingers sententiously.

  2. I contact you on behalf of the Danish “Saltum Uldfestival”, it is the largest festival of this kind in Scandinavia.

    For more than 10 years it is taking place the second weekend in May.

    At this festival you find everything – the best wool, exciting yarn and a lot of accessories, you will also find workshops, lectures and much more.

    Every festival has a theme. 2018 the theme is knitting, tradition and patters from the Baltic countries.

    2017 approx. 20.000 visited the festival, it is an El Dorado for all who loves knitting in all kinds of wool and qualities.

    As you can see the theme this year is the Baltic countries, we should like to know if you are in interested in giving the festival a gift to our lottery, which is very popular.

    We are non-profit the profit we gain on the festival is giving to the sports clubs helping us during the festival.

    Thank you in advance for sending us a reply.

    Best regards

    Saltum Uldfestival

  3. Hi-
    I’m enjoying your blog, which i found when i was researching my new wheel, which is very like, yet not a Louet. Perhaps it was made by Richard Wernekinck, though i don’t know . I hope so, because the person who sold it (on ebay), bolted the Footman to the Wheel without a connector piece, and did something similar to join other parts so that it appears to be a complete working wheel, though it isn’t.
    I wish i could post a photo here. I have one that might surprise you
    “Wool and funny dresses,” are essentials in a good life
    I would enjoy the Danish “Saltum Uldfestival”

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