finished: tuxedo cat hat!

Amazing pattern! For all weights and gauges.

I used 60 grams of sock yarn and, because I like a double brim over my ears, knitted until part 1 of the pattern was very long.

The hat is far more sophisticated than I can show you here, on these “charming cabin” pictures. Even my husband said it’s a chique city hat.

Now I want to use the same technique for a pair of matching self striping wrist warmers. Quickly, before the next installment comes from Wolbeest January Cat Sock Yarn Club.


Finished: bouclé yoke sweater

A nice sweater!

Warm, not too heavy. Only weighs 400 grams. Sympathetic yarn, both the Irish Donegal yarn and the handspun bouclé, with the nice memories of the Tour de Fleece and the Dutch Wool Diva batts that I used.

And it wears so comfortable!

But when I’m reaaaaaally comfortabel….. strange things start to happen:

This is me, in my sweat pants. I don’t think I’ve had sweatpants before…. this is my first time wearing them this century anyway, I’m sure.
Man they are comfortable!

The sweater is comfortable too.
Only strange things happen here too. It rides up.  And when that happens….the handspun yoke…. it bulges.

I look ridiculous. Comfortable and ridiculous. And sparkly.
Please don’t ring my doorbell, I won’t be coming to the door like this.

Comfortable and sparkly! Snug too. Me and the cat, in our knitting chair. Cup of tea. Batch of brownies (still can’t make them properly. First they were too cakey, now they are too eggy. Third time a charm?)

It’s a good thing this project is finished. Now I am ready for the Wolbeest cat sock yarn that is due to arrive tomorrow! And I got to do some drawing:

“I sparkle on the inside!”

(in this sketch I was exploring the inking style of illustrator Scottie Young. Amazing artist.)

finished: handspun cat ears hat

I amended the pattern and kitchenered the top while making the cables turn one more time:pattern Cabled Cat Ears Hat by Lorna Watt. It has amazing well designed ears.

I used 112.0 meters (122.5 yards), 77 grams, of the handspun Saxon Merino, on needles 6 mm. It’s a tad smaller yarn than the pattern calls for so I added some more rows and some more stitches.

finished: Impossible Girl Socks and Cuffs

Impossible Girl Socks by Madeline Gannon. Deliberate ankle socks for Summer. Knit on a tight gauge (72 stitches over the foot) so they still took 65 grams of yarn. I love this speckled yarn, it’s so Raku ceramics.

Knit to celebrate 10 years of Dutch Sock Knitters Group on Ravelry.

I added some cuffs, for Winter. They used up 20 grams.
How can there have bloomed three roses over the weekend, it’s November?!

Finished: handspun Feather and Fan shawl

My plan for larger stripes at the bottom did not work out as well as I thought. I’m also not convinced about the obvious “stripeyness” of this shawl, I prefer the more toned down green one.

Still, I’m wearing it today. It’s nice and soft and just as functional as my green one. I think when worn the colours may blend in with each other, conveying a greyish purply shawl. Definitely less contrast then the green one.

It’s the same size as the shawl Ribbels made:

I used up all the 100 grams and all the 357 m. I think I got 1 m left of the Dutch Wool Diva Sassy.

Weird Wool Wednesday: Late for Summer

skirt with pockets and godets, handdyed indigo linen. sewing

Summer’s gone and I finished my skirt from Wolop indigo dyed shibori linen today!
skirt with pockets and godets, handdyed indigo linen. sewingskirt with pockets and godets, handdyed indigo linen. sewing

It has godets for walking ease and the yoke made of that nice piece of Wokume Shibori (wood grain):
skirt with pockets and godets, handdyed indigo linen. sewing
Nice pockets too:
skirt with pockets and godets, handdyed indigo linen. sewing
I’m wearing it today, Summer linen in the rain, with knee high knitted tights. And a woolen jumper.

This one I finished yesterday:

So conveniently!

I drafted the pattern myself. Somewhere in May…
Perhaps I can tweak it to a thicker Winter fabric for a nice Winter dress?
Which will likely be finished somewhere next Spring…

Which is when my Lilac Summer Cardi will have its two sleeves finished:

The same for my Buttercup Summer top:

I’m not late, I’m planning early. Summer 2018 is looking good.

Weird Wool Wednesday: thrums

Today I celebrate my birthday and the lovely Sokkenmuis gave me this pattern as a birthday gift:

It’s I Heart Earmuffs by Faye Kennington. You’ve heard me talking about it before, enamoured as I am by the beautiful increasing and the idea of covered ears (= safety and security. Dutch word “geborgenheid” which associates to being held, physically, in a safe enclosure. “Borg” = “burcht” = castle.)

It is first time thrums for me. I may have gotten too enthousiastic about thrums…

More so at the second ear muff:

Knitting with thrums is a bit of a challenge but the pattern explains it well:


The yarn is the handspun that I made a Rikke hat from which was too tight and then I was deflated or at least my motivation was deflated. But getting this lovely pattern from Sokkenmuis made me rip out the hat right then and there and re use the yarn right away. On needles 2,75 mm.

Hmmm, knitting with handspun. HMMMM, CAKE!

Love thrums all: