SM round Pearls on a String finished early

Pearls is done, all teams filled up already?!

I just started on my second cuff:

The specifications and the new pattern will probably be released this weekend. But I’m having a day off, I didn’t bring extra yarn with me to the cabin anyway. Today I’m having a leisurely day, standing at the cloths drawer/cupboard because I still can’t sit with these hips:

I have a lovely view and there are birds singing everywhere. On my left is another window, with a screen before it so it can be open but the mosquitoes can’t come in. I hope to do some drawing here today.

This one I made already, Little Red Riding Hood en the Wolf dressing up as each other:


knitting with cat and bursitis

I can’t have Lillepoes lying on my upper legs, with my hip bursitis.

We’ve been battling for the past 20 minutes. She wants to be close to my face. Or at least keep eye contact. I now have found a solution.

also Giro d’Italia, hardest climb of the tour. My concession to my husband.

And the new pattern in Sock Madness!

Pearls-on-a-String Socks by Anita Grahn:

With faux cables and a fleegle heel.


I wanted a simple project, next to all the projects I have to think about. And I’ve been wearing my Nurmilintu shawl a lot and thinking how it should be a tad bit longer. So I started one for me. It’s Nurmilintu shawl, a pattern by Heidi Alander:

The yarn is Moonwise handdyed Gem which I have been guarding since 2011 and now, finally, feel bold enough to use. It knits up beautifully:

I’m in a bit of a stress period at the moment and need some simple knitting relief so I started a second one:

in my handspun Hilltop Cloud Gradient Pack

Which gave me so much joy when I spun it in Tour de Fleece two years ago. Again a yarn that I have been too careful with to dare to use for anything. I always found an excuse. “Not enough meterage!”. “Will take too much wear if knit in that project!”. “The pattern makes no sufficient use of the gradient!”.

Stop it. Just knit with it. It will be fine.
And fast.

Everybody knows handspun knits up faster than commercial yarn. I’ll have two shawls soon and plenty of time to knit all the socks and cardigans that are on the needles right now. Yes I will.

handspun to court

This is what I’m wearing to court today. All handmade, convenient and with sweet details.
Warm but not too warm, sufficiënt wearing ease, sturdy material where needed, supple elsewhere. Sensible shoes. Friendly fabric. Supporting badger pouch.

Ready to negotiate for justice!

Fun detail in the sleeve:

It went well. We’ll still lose because of how the law works but it went well. The judge coached me along, as he is a public servant and wants me to present a good case for him to mull over.

I remembered to plant my feet on the ground and think of them every now and awhile. This kept me kalm and grounded. I managed to answer most of the questions.

Even if (when) we lose this case, it was a good rehearsal for the second case that I’ll present in a couple of weeks. About the same manure plant but under a different set of laws. I’ll have more chance of winning then.

It was nice to sit there and wear nice, friendly clothes. They did not restrict me but helped me instead.

making stitch markers

ooh shiny!
my first stitch marker finished:

my second one. It’s more functional than the first one:

A good dog, called Santenay:

Equally good dog, by the name of Cava:


I like real glass beads and semi-precious stones. The leaf beads are from Chechoslowakia. The clear leaf in my first markers is a vintage pressed glass bead from Prague, they were used in elaborate chandeliers.