making stitch markers

ooh shiny!
my first stitch marker finished:

my second one. It’s more functional than the first one:

A good dog, called Santenay:

Equally good dog, by the name of Cava:


I like real glass beads and semi-precious stones. The leaf beads are from Chechoslowakia. The clear leaf in my first markers is a vintage pressed glass bead from Prague, they were used in elaborate chandeliers.


badger badger badger badger

I finished a little purse that I started back in 2011. For some reason I was too ill to finish it back then.


Yo, party people!

The pattern is Badger purse by Kirsti Hallamaa and it’s free.

I had used the pattern before and made a sheep, using my own, very first handspun for it:

I even clipped the sheep myself! It was very special yarn.

And then I gave it away in a swap. Because back then I was not worthy of nice things. Such a shame. One should keep ones first handspun.

This purse is meant to be a spinners’ help. You hang it on your wheel and it keeps pieces of string (for tying skeins or an extra leader), a little flask of oil, some sweets, a little vile of salt. Anything you may need for spinning.

Today’s badger will live in my new Bird House WIP bag and is filled with liquorice. Fairy tale liquorice!

badger badger badger badger

badger badger badger badger

Yo! Yo! Lillepoes! whatuppp?!”

badger badger badger badger

badger badger badger badger

(do you know what follows?)


I’m working hard to finish the stranded vest (“spencer”) to show at the new workshop Dyeing with Mushrooms that I’m attending at the beginning of March. It’s the same as last year, I wanted to participate again.

“badger badger mushroom” is a meme, one of the first of the internet. It’s a 1 minute gif with a song and it’s from 2003 and bound together so many users. Here’s its own Wiki-page. I remember it well 🙂

not here to play Games?

Today the Olympic Winter Games start, in Korea. Worldwide knitters challenge themselves by knitting along with various projects in various difficulties.

Here’s a link to the official Ravelry group if you want to join in the fun (or just read about it a bit).

It’s a nice event 🙂 Here’s a bit of collective history, about that time when knitters made the Olympic Committee grow up and behave and about that time when knitters didn’t know how to behave online and sabotaged their own games and then saved them.

There’s another nice event just around the corner:

Sock Madness starts the first of March and warming up has already begon. You remember how much fun I had last year:

And the year before that, with this post about the importance of stroopwafels and that ridiculous sock surgery I did:

Oh man! I came here to tell you about these games and then to confess I wasn’t playing this year because I’m an adult with adulty responsibilities this Spring and I benefit from pacing and planning and allotting time. The next two to three months I’ve got a full plate. There’s no time for extra knitting and I need my knitting time to relax so no games.

But revisiting these previous events and looking at posts and pictures…. oei oei oei!

The Dutch sock knitters group on Ravelry is such a friendly bunch! You cannot read there and not participate in the fun. For both events! Everyone is so supportive, even with Sock Madness being a competition. And there will be wool parties!

Oh mannnn…. wool parties….

I’ve posted there that I will take it easy this year.

Let’s hope that those are magic, self forfilling words.
(I already am taking stock of my sock yarn. sssh)

Birdhouse project bags are on sale!

FiberRachel’s sewing machine broke today and now she’s having a sale to pay for repairs. 25% off!

I couldn’t help myself, I bought a Buckbeak Birdhouse WIP bag!

He’s got a little patch of pumpkin patch 😆

Oh, the silver glitter fun fur. It’s all mountain and charcoal and water and sophisticated city knitter! Or that’s what I tell myself. It sure fits my colour palette and my need to pet weird furry things. And I need to keep my yarn somewhere. And my phone and stuff.

She’s got plenty more weird bags. Game of Thrones, Highlander, x-mas, Pokemon, HP houses, cats, dogs, winter, and birds in bird houses. Go here to have a look.

Tortie Cat Yarn arrived!

Third installment of the Wolbeest Cat Sock Yarn Month:

Again such a luxury! This time it’s about tortie cats, they are such characters.

Alexandra chose to dye the yarn in a rusty orange brown instead of a more muted sand brown that a lot of tortie cats have. But she offers us the option to change this skein for a more muted one if we want to. How’s that for customer service!
I’m not changing, I think this rusty orange works well with the mottles black.

The goodies again are awesome: a cat pen, a post card (made by me), an explanation card and a play mouse for our cats:

I’ve already balled up the skein and done some research, I’m diving into pooling!

Offering a goodie to my cat, who has been intimidated by torties her whole life:

Offer accepted and appropriately allocated to boost self esteem:

Oh, this is a t-shirt I bought on the fair and photographed on Sunday:
cat t-shirt dweezilsfriend birman poezeboot fair trade lillepoes

“kattenkwaad” means “cat mischief” which is of a good natured kind. The kind kids do when playing in the neighbourhood.

(Do kids still do that, play outside? Or have they unlearned that because of helicopter parents, virtual entertainment and ridiculous heavy activity schedules?)

(I also hear that “helicopter parent” is sooo last decade. Nowadays it’s “bowling parents”, who prevent their kids from every running into a difficulty or dealing with a minor frustration. Or boredom.)

(also “neighbourhood”, what a weird word is that? Is that the distance determined where you can hear the horse from next door neighing?)

(also, when I’m rambling on like this, I’m usually procrastinating.)

(I am sooo procrastinating right now.) (it

cat yarn post is here!

Turned out the post service was swept away by the storm last week and things got delayed. Here is the second installment of the Wolbeest cat yarn club!

A sock blank,stamped with iconic cats, some black, some grey so the knitted fabric will vary. In the accompanying card Wolbeest explains that all blanks have been individually dyed, with the various recipients in mind. That’s why mine is more purple than most 😻😻😻. Raveler Wannabekat has one that will knit up less variegated.

There’s dpn holder pouch and cat liquorice with iconic black cats. A silver marker. Hot chocolate drink. A personal card with explanation of the dyeing. My card. All wrapped in cute catty bags and stickers.

What a wonderful second installment of Het Wolbeest January Cat Sock Month!






Oh oh….

Wolbeest is doing a similar club next month, with theme Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake’s art:

Communicating in wild colours.

Wolop and Wolbeest have chosen specific palettes for their advents boxes. Besides the two semi solid ones I showed you yesterday they both had a wild and sparkly one for Advent 2017.

 pic by FiberRachel, from the bird house project bags.


Both using high quality, soft yarns with sparkles.

Talking about colour, I gave myself a hard cover comic book as a present:

“Portugal” by Cyril Pedrosa. In it he makes sure every page has a certain colour palette, to convey meaning and emotion:

I already own another book of his, The Lonely Hearts Club, in which the use of colours is just as marvelous. Plus he depicts French people like you wouldn’t believe it.
Cyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustration
Cyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustrationCyril Pedrosa comic comics book color colour Lonely Hearts Club Eenzame Harten Club illustration
Here the colours are not transitioning per page but per row or even per square. One comic square leads to the next, in the language of colour. It creates such a flow when reading this comic book. Ah, we humans are such eye-animals, we revel in colours!

If Pedrosa is a knitter he must go wild for stranded knitting!
I’ll be using my Advent boxes for stranded knitting for sure. I’m already putting skeins together and pushing them around and making new combinations. Pedrosa’s books are an inspiration. They help me to get away from the standard combinations like these:
BalanceKika project outdoor shots 07Bokeh Star HDRPeanut M&M'sA palette for winter daysThe Old Tree

It’s wonderful how both indy dyers are offering a unique palette which allow me to go “Pedrosa” and not “crayola”.

5th of December: preparations

Wolop has knitter’s jewellery today:

It’s for knitting from a centre pulled ball. There’s a bead and a clip to secure the outer end.

I started a new habit of making a cat doodle every day, just to get into the habit of drawing again. And also: cats! They are impossible to draw. Cat fact.

This is our Sinterklaas plan for tonight:plus DIY pizza:

Things are looking good 🙂

I’m also knitting a heel, right now, very quickly, so I can knit the foot in the round when we drive back home tonight, in the dark. Knitting is planning.

Advent box day 2

Het Wolbeest revealed a lighter colour of the first day and a wonderful stitchmarker by The Woolly Dodo:

Wolop had a second marvelous plant dyed colour, akin to the purple first one:

I’m guessing it was done with cochenille. I know Wolop has a specific dyeing technique and rinsing sequences so that the colour takes really well and will not bleed. It’s amazing what saturation she can achieve in plant dyed colours!

Even though my fingers itch to knit with these beauties I will not do so this Advent. I plan to open a gift each day and collect all the colours these two independent dyers have thought out and then look at them and pick and match for a project. For all I know the boxes are in a (rainbow) gradient and that is not something I want in my handknits.

This Advent I had in mind to do some spinning. I am more of a spinner than a knitter anyways. Spinning relaxes me. 🙂

So this morning, as I took pictures of Wolop’s yarn, I did some fiber prep:

That’s the Merino I washed this Summer. I plan to wash the second half this month. I’m combing the edges of the locks, it’s called flicking. Then you can spin straight from the lock and get a smooth yarn.

I have another fleece I can prep, a black and white ecological one. I brought it from the cabin to the city last week. (Actually I have two. Sssh, they both are in The Attic Of Denial. Time runs differently there.)

And the grey eco-fleece is on the wheel, ready for plying. (And then two more binliners worth of fleece but I may push that backwards a bit. I’d rather spin easier fibres)

Like this gorgeous sock blend:

Merino Nylon by Hedgehog Fibres.

And that’s it! This is the only “normal” spinning fibre I have!

The rest is these fleeces that need prepping, some left over long staples mulberry silk and a box full of short staples yak that needs to be carded into rolags first and then I’d need to get the special fast spinning wheel from the cabin anyway if I want to spin it. So basically besides this Hedgehog I have nothing to spin. You know how it is:

 pic by

The flicking of the Merino locks is relaxing though and I count fiber prep as spinning. I won’t have time to do all the spinning anyway but December (and January and February) are typically spinning months to me and I look forward to having a little bit of quiet time each morning and play around with the gorgeous fibres. Each morning, as I open reveal the next installments of my Advent boxes.

OK, gotta go. Sintersushi is upon us. In about two hours a poem will be read and a maki will be eat and there will be a happy cat. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.