Weird Wool Wednesday: can’t tell the front on a handspun sweater

advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

One of the problems you ordinarily do not think about. Not until you take off your sweater at night and realize you had a cold neck all day and the front was choking you a bit.

Luckily a knitter always has solutions. This is a stitchmarker from Wolop.


Weird Wool Wednesday: planning for a dreaded meet

Today I face the manure plant people in the town hall, in a meeting lead by that dreadful mediator.

Plan for car ride:

Round and round and round and round. In lovely Ravenclaw colourway, self dripping yarn from Wolop.

Plan for meeting:

That’s a chocolate Sinterklaas! I’ll be keeping him in my purse, scrunching bits of it inconspicuously. Rustle rustle nom nom nom.

It’s done. Meeting is over. Not too much damage I think. We were manipulated… and have to fix that at a later time. But it’s doable.
Now the car ride back. Can I start a toe in the dark?
I’m with Pippi:

Weird Wool Wednesday: just go for little cats, little socks and little drawings instead?

A #NANOvember mini drawing I did of a cat in a hand knit sock. With Lillepoes greetings on my pencil.

I’m knee deep in inspiration by cats and socks! I’m growing ever more fond of Wolbeest’ idea for her sock yarn surprise club of January as I draw the secret art for it and as we exchange pictures of our cats. I now want all the cat socks!

Wolop is also developing next years’ sock yarn collection and I want to participate in those too! Her ideas also go straight to my heart. I’ll tell you about them as soon as she releases the information.

Socks are such a good knitting project, just have one on the needles at all time and you’re good wherever you go.

There’s only a little logistic problem I need to solve, rather soonish:

This my sock drawer. It won’t close anymore.

It contains about half the pairs I own. These are the “Sophisticated City Knitter Socks”.

The “Goofy Cabin Dweller Socks” are .… at the cabin. Where they give tremendous joy. Nothing like wearing happy handknits when you’re in the country and it’s cold outside.

But seriously, if I’m going to knit more socks, no, when I’m going to knit more socks, I have to clear another section of this book case. Where will the books go?

Concerned cat is concerned:

Actually this was while I was away last weekend. Lillepoes is trying to will Robert into doing something.

As you see he is failing to follow proper evening routine. Also hasn’t fed her in four years.

Weird Wool Wednesday: a cat yarn surprise box!


Which knitter do you know that loves to draw cats? That’s right, I made the sketch for the PR above!

It’s for a yarn club in January from Het Wolbeest, the indie dyer with the ice cream parlour and the wonderful cats and dogs I visited two weeks ago. It will consist of four instalments of handdyed fingering yarn based on four cats!

This is a luxurious surprise box including full skeins, minis, goodies and cat artwork. Start the new year with cats who appreciate knitting and knitting appreciating cats! Ships internationally too.

I’m going to make another drawing to promote this. And I’m getting this box! I love cats and handdyed yarn.

Weird Wool Wednesday: fortifying sheep

I drew this and it fortifies me while I deal with the papers for the court case against the manure plant. Papers are due this weekend!

I finished my gnome dress and wearing it also fortifies me mentally:

There’s a bow in the back!

It has a lot of wearing ease so I can wear it over undergarments for Winter and move in it or sit all crumpled up on the couch and push my belly out.

The raspberry pink is sturdy canvas so I do not have to be careful wearing this dress. I can jump in puddles if I want to. I don’t want to. I think. But I could.

It has pockets (duh) in the sideseams that are lined with the gnome fabric which is of no special use except it makes me happy. The whole dress is lined, for warmth and easy slipping over my head. That’s another advantage of wearing ease and a wide neckline: no need for zipper or fasting.

Now that it’s finished I’d love to make another one.

Weird Wool Wednesday: a knitter’s calendar

This is my Autumn Calendar, ticking off the days till Winter. I’ve put some appropriate baubles into it: candy stitchmarkers from TheWoollyDodo!

They are her spekkie and her Bossche Bol-markers. It so happens that I have an appointment with a Bossche Bol today. I will honour this knitter calendar!

(yes that’s a WIPbag in the back ground, it’s from ShopByLinda)

Weird Wool Wednesday: “no sweaters for you!”

That nice handspun Shetland was going to be a big comfy boxy winter sweater, with a thick cowl. Lots of wearing ease and promises of hot chocolate and hiding a cat underneath. That’s why I brought the wool with me to the cabin last week and knitted on it for hours and hours. I knitted up one big ball, attached the second one. Couldn’t find the third one.

Searched everywhere. No yarn. Must have left it in the city? My husband couldn’t find it there and he looked everywhere. O no! Did I lose it somewhere?? It could have been in the car which I took to the market and it might have tumbled out!

Can’t make more yarn… Hush hush, it’s very improbable that you lost it. Just knit on. You have enough yarn as it is anyway. Probably…

Turns out my knitting was more worried about yarn shortage than I was:

Too tight for comfort.

We returned home and straight away I saw the missing ball of yarn, on display in the middle of the room. If only my husband had grown a pair of functional eyes!

I couldn’t bring myself to frogging the sweater, undoing all those hours of knitting. And the happy memories of my time at the cabin. Perhaps I could salvage it, cut it open and knit additional pieces onto it?

My friend scoffed. “Anna! That will be at least as much work as reknitting it. Just frog it!”
Ah, the famous Dutch directness. Where well meant advice is said only once and it is up to you to take it or not.
I’m taking it. She’s right.

I’ve been getting ready to frog the past week. In that time I tried to knit on other sweaters. I wasn’t up to continuing with the purple Flower Cardigan because I still don’t know how to make a second puff sleeve. Didn’t work on Old Town cardigan because IDon’tKnowWhy. Denied all knowledge of other sweaters that may or may not live in my closet.

I worked on the mushroom dyed vest. This was happy knitting! I even had some little friends to keep me company:

And then the knitting wasn’t happy anymore:

There’s more diamonds on the left front panel than on the right front panel.

The steek in the middle is off centre?!? After all the spaghetti-wrangling I did earlier this year?!


That’s why, yesterday, I casted on for something I’ve been looking forward to for months now. A sweater that mimics the sun on snow in February:
Pattern crazy stripes tee by atelier alfa

I knitted on it all day yesterday. Trying to see the Wintersun in the colours (instead of clown confetti…. does this look like clown confetti…. I’m afraid this is clown confetti…. please don’t be clown confetti)

Will be marvelous, right?


That shoulder width is way too small. My gauge is 26 st/10 cm instead of pattern gauge of 24 st/10 cm and even though I’m knitting a size L (because it was going to be a Winter garment, to be worn over something) this doesn’t fit me, not even as a Spring garment with only underwear beneath it.

This time I’m not knitting on in the hopes it will turn out allright. I will cut the yarn and start anew. (clown confetti)(clown confetti)

I may have to have a little think about it first. Nudge the colourwork more towards the sun on sparkling snow (instead of clown confetti, clown confetti).

Which is why I cast on a sock that doesn’t require thinking:

Free Impossible Girl Socks by Madeline Gannon in Sticks & Cups Sockstravagance in a liquorice colourway.

(clown spaghetti)


Weird Wool Wednesday: bad notes, bad memory

I needed to make a decision about the end of the sleeve.
Same as the border at the bottom of the bodice?
Lace like the back panel?

While I was thinking I thought I’d get a new ball and start at the second sleeve:

Only…. I don’t remember how much stitches I picked up. I didn’t write it down! There’s nothing sensible on my Ravelry project page! I fact there’s gibberish on my page.

I made notes. I must have done. I always do. I know it’s important. Somewhere there must be a sleazy piece of paper lying around with my notes on it.

And I remember I talked about puff sleeves…. there’s a bit of puff sleeve going on here. But how?? I probably did my usual 3 stitches for every 4 rows. But what then?

I’m still not alright, I cannot concentrate and I cannot read my knitting:

oh bother!

Imma start a new sweater:

Boxy, easy, Wintery.

Out of this freshly spun, nearly half a kilo Shetland, 1065 m, worsted/aran weight. Without too much demands on my cognitive skills.