Weird Wool Wednesday: bursitis and wipitis

The bursitis is nearly solved! The cause is tensed up muscles in upper leg and buttocks. They squish the bursea against the hip bone, getting them irritated and inflamed.

My muscles tensed up because I’ve gotten “swole” in February:

I didn’t get particular muscular but I lost the bloating in my belly and as a result I stand, sit and walk with my muscles actively engaged. So much proud!
Coto on the rock Coto the tiger. Pic by Tambako The Jaguar

I lost the bloating by eating FODMAP and Low Residue. Both for medical reasons: I now sleep 6 hours instead of 4,5! This is amazing. My whole life I’ve woken every night in a jolt after 4,5 hours. Yes, really. I’m 46 now and I’ve probably have not slept through the night more than two hundred times in my life. It’s why my adrenals broke.

Anyhoo. Hoo knoo? Bursitis without a clear cause can be because your muscles got too tense. Apparantly you’ve got to relax your muscles every day? Did you knoo? And not by exercising but by taking a bath, by going to the sauna, by doing yoga or by having someone massage them. I did not knoo!

I learned this all last week, when I had my first Deep Tissue massage to loosen up those tense muscles. That’s not a relaxing massage by the way… that’s a massage that makes you squirm and try to hobble of the table.
High Fivepic by Ashley Buttle
But it works wonders!

I’ve only had one massage and already the pain is gone. I did have a massive reaction though, from all the waste products getting loose from the muscles and floating around my body before I could pee them out. Head ache, nausea. Drink liters of water. Next week I have my next massage and then one more and then the bursitis is probably gone!

As long as I make Muscle Relaxing a part of my days.
Monday Baths pic by Danny Barron

Because I can only do one sensible thing per week I’ve started another vest with the yarn I got at Wolbeest last Saturday, with a provisional cast on at the back, working my way up to the neck line and shoulder straps:

Totally ignoring that my upper back is an ice cone swimmer triangle.


Ice Cream Knit In Public Day at Wolbeest Studio

I had a wonderful day! It was not supposed to happen because of the hip bursitis and I have to file that big court thing end of the week and am writing on it 24/7. But I’ve been cooped up in the house for 8 weeks now with those hips and I miss my knitting friends and was so looking forward to this!

This morning I said to myself: caution take a back seat, endorphines take the wheel! and I went to Swalmen, to our favourite Italian Ice Cream LYS Het Wolbeest for a Knit In Public Day and celebrate her business.

I’m just going to throw some pictures here because I’m due back to write for the court. No time to blog.

KIP, Knit In Public, is “chicken” in Dutch. And she was serving “advocaat” on the special KIP Ice Cream, which is egg nogg. Hence the chickens.

Alexandra’s lovely cat Molly, who also was the model for Cat Sock Month of January.

How smart is this? the red frame around each block. It’s made by starting with it.
wolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmenwolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmen

Special order for today: a coupe with artisanal chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla ice cream, egg nog, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a sugar wafer

wolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmen

These were looking for a new home. Very good for a spencer/ vest!

On my way home. How did this happen??
wolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmen

This one is a misfit?!?! Wolbeest is insane in her quality control.
wolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmenwolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmen

My gift for Alexandra:
wolbeest ijs kip feestje swalmen

I had such a wonderful time!! I was so glad to see some of my knitting friends again 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve been home for 2 hours now. Had some dinner and a rest. Now it’s back to work, writing about manure and the justice system. I’m writing with a smile though because I had a wonderful day 🙂

Fit your body: things going not-pear shaped.

You know how female bodyshapes are often compared to food? Apple, pear.

Well, I always thought I was a door with a crocheted shopping bag holding two melons from the market:


Yesterday I learned I am not a door with produce hanging of it. If I was I could have succeeded knitting the square back panel of Flower Doily Cardigan and just extend it towards the front.

As it turns out my shoulders are broader than the square at the top and I’m missing a chunk of knitting if I started the sleeves right next to the square. I miss about this much on either side of the square. That’s 5 cm (2 inches) per side:
Which explains why the cardigan WIP did not sit comfortable at all this week. The arm holes were digging in the front.

Yesterday I learned you cannot have a proper look at your back by yourself. You need another knitter to look at the fit and point things out to you and then take pictures when you don’t believe her.

That knitter yesterday was FiberRachel and these are the pictures that proved to me that my upper back is a triangle:
See how the sides of the square veer off towards the front straight from the bottom? It fits at the waist, where my hands are, but not higher.

I am very triangular at the back.
The square needs to go from 22 cm (8,5 inches) at the waist to 38 cm (15″) at the top over a short vertical distance of just 30 cm (11″)

I never knew because my waist is size 36, 78 cm around. At the back it’s about 36 cm  (14″) from side seam to side seam. Then comes the mellon-y bit at the front asking for a size 42-44. But the back would continue to be size 36, I assumed. Confirmed by the distance between my shoulder points at the back being 38 cm (15″) —-> “That’s about the same as the 36 cm (14″) at the waist. So straight up then.”

Only it isn’t. Taking the side seam as the edge of the back panel it first has to accommodate the armhole and then the fabric has to give room to the shoulderblades, making the upper back wider. It is not a straight vertical line at all! It’s a triangle.

“You have the upper back of a swimmer!”, Rachel said. A triangular swimmer. How can that be? I never swim! I do happen to carry a pair of melons though…

So I am not a door. A triangle then. On top of a squarish base (I have no waistline, no buttocks, no hips to speak of)

I am this shape:

What is that?!




Ah yes. Food shaped.

……(fancy hairdo)

that other cardigan WIP: purple flower doily cardigan

The sleeve does not sit well. I think I need more room across the upper back of my back.

Also the transition from the back flower doily panel to the sleeve is not neat:

I will frog the sleeve, give the back panel a nice finish and then pick up stitches for the sleeve.

When the sleeves are done I will pick up stitches along the fronts and give it a wide shawl like “button band”. Close it with a shawl pin.

Wrangling some garment WIPs

I took a look at my Contiguous Blue cardi:

It’s the sister of my Deco Cardi which are both made from one kilo total of that lovely Donegal Yarns Irish Heather, straight from Ireland.

This WIP is more round and friendly than Deco Cardi. Deco Cardi is more… deco.

It’s too wide at the back:

It’s too small at the front. It’s meant to close flush but it’s not meant to stretch like that over the bust.

I frogged it up to the sleeves (y’all still don’t like the word arm pit, do you?) and will reknit, decreasing at the back for my sway back and inserting bust darts in the front. Aran weight, needle 4,5 mm, it should go fast. I already started the cuff of second sleeve last evening, winging a copy of the detail in the first sleeve:

It’s a 3 under 2 cable, then purling 2 of those 3 and slip the 3rd. Then it’s 2 over 3 cable and knit that first stitch together with the one you just slipped. Not just knit it: make a bobble. k, yo, k, yo, k. And give it long loops because you’re not k5tog for at least 2 rows.

Then the rest of the cable: p2, k2 and p rest of sleeve round.
Make two rounds (all p, except for the two 2k from the leaf edge or frame)
Next round: k5tog from the bubble. All other stitches inside the leaf are purl stitches.
Now closing the leaf by decreasing the k-edge/frame over the p-stitches inside the frame. When the k-frame meets it’s just a double decrease in k.

Now knitting on some more because the existing sleeve is too short. Have to decide on an edge too. Either a rolled hem or garter stitch.

I frogged Yuuret, a WIP from 2013:

A wonderful pattern, Yuuret (Roots) by Kessa Tay Anlin:

It uses the cable for shaping and it would serve my sway back so well!

I’ve spend months on knitting and reknitting it, trying to get it to work on my body. But the way the cable determines the shaping and where you have to put the decreases and at which pace if you change the pattern is just too difficult. And all that seed stitch!

My style has also deviated from the clearly fairy tale vibe this pattern has. Hee hee, I’ve gone into stealth fairy tale mode 😉

Yuuret was frogged, the yarn was soaked and I started arching cables jacket by Mercedes Tarasovich with the yarn because why finish a WIP when you can start another?

Fun pattern. You start with the belt, then work up. I like the shaping at the back. I thought: “Right! A nice pattern and I will just follow it to the lettre. No thinking needed, just mindfull mindless knitting.”

So I knitted the belt. Started three times. First according to pattern. Then decided it would be too small so started again with extra stitches at the sides. Then realized this pattern looks best with stitches picked up at the end of the cable, not the end of the belt, and restarted with the fewer stitches, according to pattern.

Then I studied some of the project pages and saw that the pattern probably benefits from a bit of tweaking when you’re a small person with big busts. Bust dart probably. But keep the edge of the front panel fitting, don’t make it too loose.

Giving some attention to how the belt overlaps and where to pick up stitches, to avoid gaping. At least change the lower part, the pendulum…penta…what’s the word.. the little “skirt” under the belt. PEPLUM! It tends to draw in and this looks weird on people like me who have a tummy and/or like to breathe with their belly.
Besides, the yarn is a hard blue. (Dyed it myself)(years ago)(my taste changed)(not sure I’d wear a hard blue anything much)

Anyway. It’s now parked in the Raku yarn bowl in the middle of the sitting room. By no means stuffed in the closet. Yet.

I then took a look at Silver Buttercup or what was left of it after last week’s frogging session:

I’ve got to be honest with myself here: it stretches over the bust (not super comfortable to wear) and the way the lace bits stretches… that’s just painful to a knitter’s eye.

Here it is in non-pained condition:

I frogged it up to the start of the waves. “If I just put in a couple of more waves, making sure the “dip” is still at centre front, then it will be fineeeee.”

No it won’t. I won’t have enough yarn. So I’m going to frog it all and start over, in another year or so. See if I can bring in some colour stripes, to save the grey yarn. Speaking of grey: my hair is turning rapidly. I am loosing contrast in my face. Wearing a grey top like this will wash me out more.

So that’s where the colour will go: at the neckline and probably the whole of that lacey bit too. If I find a suitable yarn that will play with this silk cotton blend by Rico.

Nijntje Sweater!

Looks good. Separated for sleeves. Knit on for at least another hand’s width. Then start designing those stranded flowers.

Good 🙂 mindless mindfull knitting.

Crazy Stripes sweater was fixed by sewing.
I determined the excess flap and pinned it with clothes pins that happened to be stuck on our bathroom mirror (?? my husband is an odd one)(well, isn’t everybody’s spouse?)

I put the sweater on my sewing table, centre front on centre back. Can you see what’s weird here?

Front excess is one finger wide, back a full three fingers wide.

That’s what you get when you put the mammas in mammal. The front of my garments need more room than the backs. That’s what bust darts do. That’s why the back of all my sewing patterns have less width than the front. Not only at the bust but also below the waist because I have a tummy and a sway back.

For this knitting garment the side seam is not at the exact side of the garment. But it is at the exact side of me. Here CF is not at CB but the excess flap now has as much width at the front as it has at the back:

Sewed it shut, with a wide straight stitch, just to determine fit. Here worn inside out because that’s how you determine fit when sewing darts:

Looks good to me. I will knit on, towards the hem. I will deal with how to finish that dart properly later.

I made decisions on two other garments but I’m done writing for now. I’ll let you know about those two later. The funny thing is I could not make decisions on all my WIPs (there are five more!) because I’m now fired up to knit on the garments I mention here. I don’t want any more to deal with, I just want to knit these!

Contiguous Blue, Nijntje sweater, Crazy Stripes and Little Flower Cardigan (more on that one a next time).

Suck it up, buttercup.

Pattern Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier, a lovely pattern for a Summer top.

I knitted my second one way way too tight. I probably deviated from the pattern but I don’t know what I was thinking because every few rows I kept thinking “this is too tight” and then I’d try it on and thought: “nah it will block out”. I even finished it all the way to the border, including hem and bind off!

It won’t block out.

I have now frogged it to the waist line. I’m telling myself it will be fine if I knit downwards with less decreases (as in: no further decreases). But honestly the bust should be wider too. The neck line looks uncomfortably stretched when worn.

So I will fit it one more time before deciding to knit on or frog more.

This is one of SIX garments in progress that is too tight! All from last year. Why didn’t you warn me back then?

Finished: Winter Walk Mittens

It’s the middle of Summer, poppies are making seed, the jackdaws are picking trash from the can and I finished a pair of winter mittens:

The pattern is Winterwalk Mittens by Simone Kereit. A top-down mitten pattern for any yarn and any gauge and any hand. Even weirdly big scoopy hands growing on little twiggy wrists:

Made from my wonderful handspun. Well, the batts were wonderful anyway, made by “the wool smith” in Norway, given as part of a fairy tale swap, back in 2010, which are the magical dark ages as far as my woolly career is concerned.

I was very happy to knit these and will be happy to wear them, bringing some of that magic to the city.

Weird Wool Wednesday: done with flowers

When I picked up my Crazy Stripes sweater yesterday I did not understand where I had left off:

??? a flower?

Had I already abandoned the pattern and thought of some genius alternative? (This truly was my first thought. Including the genius part, hee hee.)

Then I remembered Lentesokken, with their flowery cuff:

I was so smitten with the little flower that I tried out the instructions as soon as the pattern came out, on the knitting I had in my hands: the sweater.

How sweet.

Now it’s time for the flower to go, I want to work on the sweater. I have been working on it for months, after all.

“Lentesokken: project started on the second of April”

Ah. Uhm… so that’s when I abandoned the sweater? I’m going to take out the flower, it’s done.
Sunny Side Up pic by Wes Peck

Things don’t fit & Coffee to the rescue – dragon

I’m ready to work on my WIPs again. But things don’t fit:

At the sideseam there’s an excess of fabric of which even my husband says it looks weird. And that’s saying something because he can easily let me leave the house looking like a loon:
 Apple fest 2016…

There are a few things I can do about the jumper. I can frog. But I’ll probably won’t reknit it then. So many hours spend! And also a difficult pattern to figure out when using a different gauge.

Or I could try and sew the side seam with better shaping. That’s right, throw my sewing machine at it. Sewing knitted fabric isn’t that scary.

In the mean time I found several other wips in the closet. All of them demanding some thinking before I can knit on.

Here are the last dragons I drew for Sock Madness:

Coffee to the rescue: