Finished: Mosaic Mittens

Each mitten weighs 26 grams. Hands elongated with extra ochre diamonds. Pattern An enchanting mystery by Wenche Roald.

You’re right in thinking the left one looks a bit more snug above the thumb then the right one. It was knitted with a 2 mm needle instead of a 2,25 mm needle. Because I think I have 2,25 mm needles everywhere now and I don’t check.

There was a bit of yarn chicken going on too, late at night:

A dangerous sport…

I frogged a row and started decreasing earlier. After I had put it on my left hand and convinced myself the thumb of my left hand is shorter than the one one my right hand.

And knitting stretches, doesn’t it? Anyway, I won:

“That’ll block right out.”

I like the colours. They are pleasantly uncomfortable to me.

I wore them when I was at IKEA yesterday, one mitten was still wet from blocking, and on the drive back I noticed the landscape having the same colours. Spend straw and reed, grass, blue skie and dirty clouds, dark asphalt. Lovely.



a WIP! WOP! the WIPpit!

the WIPpit to the WIP WIP WOP:

an enchanting mystery by Wenche Roald

and you DON’T stop:

Winter Snows MKAL by Kat Lewinski

and ROCK it:

Rikke Hat by Sarah Young in Het Wolbeest fractal handspun

to the BANG BANG boogie:

Socks Perusviuhkat/Standard Fans by Iida in multicoloured Regia that I wanted to intersperce with mono coloured yarn.

say UP!  Jump the boogie:

socks Perusviuhkat/Standard Fans by Iida in Crazy Zauberball. This time knitted toe-up and using the colour repeats to determine when to place the fans. And they’re not fans, they’ll be arrows.

to the rhythm of the boogie, the BEAT:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.54.25

looking for a cowl pattern in this Malabrigo lace, held double.

it goes ON’n’n’ON’n’ON ON’n’ON:

Stranded projects in progress

Enchanting Mystery mitten in new colours:

Better. Looks more like my inspiration photo, eh?

I’m also sufficiently weirded out by the colour combination. I keep looking at it, it sure holds interest for me.

pattern modifications:

  • Estonian cast on and cuff on smaller needles (2,25 mm) because of small wrists
  • repeated chart A1 1,5 x, to have a higher stripey bit
  • added one row of plain knit before and after the flower to separate it visually more from the brown garter rows. And I like my cuffs to be long anyway.

The Fair Isle Cuffs in misty green sock yarns:

Better. Lovely light overall look, even though I’m choosing colours with more contrast to work with.

(I started the ribbing with reverse k and p for the white and multi coloured glitter sock yarn but decided I liked it better the other way around.)

Not sure if I’ll make the second cuff the same. I’m not keeping notes which yarn I use when to have a more relaxed knit.

It’s a slow project. I can only work on it during day light and at a time when I’m willing to look at my work all the time. Usually when I knit, I knit while doing something else, like watching a documentary. I haven’t found many audibooks I like to listen to.

Stranded Hilja Vest is at this level:

It’s been at this stage for a few days now, for the silliest of reasons: I couldn’t fit it properly while I kept wearing my handfelted princess dress. It needed a good fit. But I needed to wear my happy dress.

Today I’m wearing “normal clothes” and did the fit. It’s a bit snug around the belly… not too snug but just enough to be A Not Particular Comfortable Wear. This morning I’ll be walking around wearing it for a bit to figure if it’s too uncomfortable because in that case there’s no point in proceeding to knit this.

But I’m sure it’ll be alright:

Weird Wool Wednesday: choosing colours

Yesterday I wanted to start one of the mystery mitten KALs but couldn’t decide upon colours. However I did want to participate in the fun in the group so I took a picture of the yarns I had, to talk about that instead:

(all Shetland wool 2 ply types such as Kauni and Finull. All prewashed because of the spinning oil that makes me hyper)

Seeing the picture in the KAL chatter thread made up my mind instantly. I couldn’t decide in real life but seeing a virtual representation made it easy!

The mitten features some sort of flower and I like happy colours for flowers and in the picture I picked the colours right out of the pile: this green, that green, the other green, yellow and the fuchsia.

Yes! Happy flowery mitts!

Then I turned to the chair behind me, where I had put the colours I hadn’t chosen, to put them away:

Instant beauty! Shockingly interesting! I’m in love!

This colour combination is one I won’t grow tired of. While the green and fuchsia… well, it’s kind of predictable. It’s fun and friendly, make no mistake. But it’s not very interesting.

So this happened yesterday:

And today I’ve broken the working yarns on it and set it aside. Because today I’m looking to start a new mitten in even bolder combinations of these same colours.

I don’t want the dark purple to be the main colour. I want things to be more like the picture with the chair: light blue, ochre and light green should be main. But I need to think about contrast… and I won’t know how the colours will be combined in the next installments of the mystery.

I need to be smart. Choose combinations that will work either way. Every way. But not try to be too smart, I also need a bit of luck.

So that’ll be my Weird Woolday today: pushing around cakes of yarn looking for the best colour combination. Not casting on one stitch.