Weird Wool Wednesday: Bossche Bol stitchmarkers

bossche bollen stekenmarkeerders stitchmarkers breienbossche bollen stekenmarkeerders stitchmarkers breienbossche bollen stekenmarkeerders stitchmarkers breienbossche bollen stekenmarkeerders stitchmarkers breien

After hearing me rave about them the other day Dootje knew the perfect gift for me. A set of Bossche Bol stitch markers of my own. Yay! Celebrated today with an edable Bossche Bol.

There’s also two chocolate bars and a “spekkie” stitch marker, which I will celebrate on another day.

Now to knit a lace shawl and not smear chocolate and cream all over them.

Dootje is now selling these polymere stitchmarkers in her Etsy shop: The Woolly Dodo.


Finished socks “Streepje anders” after yarn party yesterday.

Pattern Streepje anders by Heleen Kok with modifications.

Today I finished one toe and a whole foot (plus its toe) as I took the whole day for resting and knitting after a wonderful yarn party yesterday.

At the party there was yarn and knitting and spinning and weaving and cake and bonbons and pie and quiche and taco’s and cats and “Bossche Bollen” and cat tea mugs and lots of handknit socks!
wolfeestje yarnparty

One girl brought these stitchmarkers that she makes professionally. She made these especially for the birthday girl:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
Those are chocolate, a cookie and Bossche Bollen. With a bite out of them! The birthday girl LOVES Bossche Bollen, usually when I go visit her I have to bring some, so this was a perfect gift.
These are very well made too. It will be a happy day when the maker decides to open her online shop 🙂

Another girl, Meilindis, brought her loom! That’s a new one for me, someone chatting and weaving at a party. Go check out the wonderful patterns she can make on a rigid heddle on her site (it’s in English).
wolfeestje yarnparty
It was great seeing her work and she explained a lot. If you have extra heddles you can do all kinds of patterns on a rigid heddle, just as if it was a loom with “schachten” (don’t know the English word. What people consider to be “a real loom”.)

She dazzled me with her colour handling and I learned a bit how a weaver can manipulate colours. Soothe them, ease them, shift them. Meilindis has a special knack for this!

(I do not. I somehow lack the imagination or the courage for it, to combine “strange” colours. It was funny to discover this “handicap” of mine. It made it much more marvellous to see Meilindis combine an try out colours with such ease and wit! But I think I may have confounded her a bit with my squeals and boggling eyes and compliments 😉 )

The birthday girl is just as fond of big cat mugs as I am:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
The one on the right is my present to her!

Here are better pictures by the maker:

It’s an handmade mug from Budapest artist Brigitta Bondar who has an Etsyshop ARTushkashop as well as a brick & mortar shop in the centre of Budapest. Near the trainstation or centre square I believe. She’s also on Facebook, in English.
Brigitta is a wonderful artist and was very fast en precise in communicating with me and then shipping fast and securely.

ARTushka also has this sheep mug in her Etsy shop:
pic by ARTushka
and more sheep in the Budapest shop:
pic by ARTushka

The birthday girl is not allowed to keep sheep in her house so she settles for cats. This is wonderful Suus, a fairly young rescue who is so friendly and curious:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
There were a lot of cat ladies at the party and Suus was adored!

Equally adored was cat Sproet who came down from the bedroom for a visit. Sproet is old and blind but made the rounds and found his way, using his whiskers.

An afternoon with yarnwomen, tea cats, real cats, cake and chocolate, made for a wonderful party 🙂

Enjoying and dyeing colour in Winter.

colour winter 2016 2017

Last week I watched two friends dye colourful yarn:
colour winter 2016 2017

Both are knitters who particularly use colours to enjoy themselves and to enhance life.

Their x-mas trees illustrate this beautifully 🙂
One friend always has seven peaks in her tree. And glass robots:
colour winter 2016 2017colour winter 2016 2017colour winter 2016 2017
The tree of the other friend, The Random Knitter, has miniskeins in it, the Wolop Advent Calendar:
colour winter 2016 2017

They both wanted a yarn that knits up a certain way: a basic colour with little bursts of multicolour. If you knit those multicolours purl wise you get something like this:

The Lemonade Shop Sparkle Sock (Stormy Day; no DL)

Yarn dyed by independent dyer Lemonade Shop yarn on etsy, colour Stormy Day.

Here are the results of our dyeing day, still wet:

dyeing Yarn party

And dry with better lighting:

 pic by Spectre120

They really knew what they were doing!

I’m going to just post the photos and let those do the talking.
I was just sitting there anyway, spinning and eating all the sweets and pastry. I’d brought some Bossche Bollen and I had two! At one time I needed a little lie down (possible bol-related) and the lovely old genteman cat Guus spotted the opportunity immediately.
Colour, knitters, pastries and cat cuddles? Perfect day.
dyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn party
dyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn party

dyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partydyeing Yarn partyUntitleddyeing Yarn party
dyeing Yarn party
dyeing Yarn partyUntitleddyeing Yarn party

And a hike in the woods yesterday, wearing my red Bleuet dress and Wolop Advent shawl. This too was with a knitter and there was beautiful sunlight and we did knitting and pastry afterwards 🙂

colour winter 2016 2017

Weird Wool Wednesday: poop.

Today the verdict came from the highest court in the country about the big manure plant they have planned in the field next to the cabin. It will be build.

I had send in an engineer’s rapport detailing the gaping holes in specifically the odour aspects of the permit but it got thwarted by politics and judicial mores. They didn’t even read the damn thing, it seems.

The plant will be built and 78 trucks of manure will visit it daily. It will smell pretty bad and, more important, it will be dangerous. But there’s nothing to be done. We’ll have to sit it out and hope it will stop in a year or ten because as a business model it is very poor.

The verdict came online just an hour ago so now I have poo on the mind.
Why is there such a prominent poo-icon on modern phones, anyway?

A lot of people use their modern devices on the loo. Both at home and at work. They surf, they read, they play games.
Do people knit on the toilet?
I’m not inclined to. Something just doesn’t sit right.

You sure can craft a lot of poo with yarn:
ravelry pattern data base search query

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.09.48

Why would you?

All association I ever made between yarn crafts and poo is this:

The crocheted toilet paper holders from the ’70s and the ’80s…

They look so much better in the ’10s:

Little Owl TP Keeper by Soapy Sue, a free pattern.

— mentally insert a funny bridge to making poo, with poo coloured food —

While we waited for the verdict to come online I went out and got ourselves some chocolaty food. It was to be either festive or comfort food: massive chocolate rich rich with pecan crunchy and butter. Two pieces. Both for me.

It turned out to be comfort brownie and I just remembered to take a picture for you before I ate it all:
That whole carton was filled with superfat superchocolately brownie! It was delicious.
I must have eaten a whole bar of butter now. That’s ok. Butter is good for me. This and some chicken soup and I’m good for the rest of the day.

This chocolate face sits on the other side of me. Making sure I’m good for today too:
She picked up on my mood. (Of course she did!)

She often accompanies me to the loo too. Even when I’ve snuck off on my own there’ll be yowling and howling in the house in no time. “WHERE ARE YOU! I’m ALL ALONNNNEEE! ECHOOOOOOO!”
Until I mutter from the loo. “I’m here, I’m here.”
Then there’s a “prrrt?” outside the door.
And I have to open it.
And then everything is good again:


Until it’s not:
(Another reason why cat people don’t knit or surf on the toilet.)

Btw, shall we call this a “smelfie”?

There, enough with the poo talk. Let’s end with an artistic night shot from the other day. Inducing Van Goghish sentiments and Dutch canals and chocolate covered cream filled Bossche Bol goodness my city is famous for:
I may need to get me some tonight.