Weird Wool Wednesday: knitter cat lady lap

This my lap today:

That hat is coming along great! I don’t understand the magic shaping that’s involved but the pattern is so well written and the self striping yarn looks great:

It’s hat Langfield by Martina Behm and yarn Het Wolbeest January Cat Sock Month colourway Otto and Floki’s Collar. I’m having a blast! Great pattern, great yarn, great company:

sorry your highness.


Advent Wool Bliss

This is how my daily 30 minutes of Advent spinning looks like:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat
Prepping and spinning beautiful Saxon Merino for example. I’ve spun two skeins now:


First snow on the roofs today!

Remember how I always call our new car the red bauble? Oh, I’m not sure you know actually…. Well my husband got himself a new car a couple of years back. A NEW one, instead of the used ones we usually have. It’s shiny, it’s red and he still smiles every time he drives it.
insert vol 116 mazda 3 pic by Insert Magazine
(Also he hacked it. Inserted a camera in the back and adjusted the dashboard graphics and swapped the CDplayer for a USB thingie and got a 3Dprinted front for it.)
Anyway, I call it the x-mas bauble.

For Sinterklaas I got a bauble of my own:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

I don’t have the energy to decorate the tree this year. But it decorates itself! Wolbeest Advent Calendar and gifts from Wolop:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

Under the tree, next to my knitting chair, is my little table for tea and knitting. On it: Wolop’s Plant Dyed Advent Calendar!

Such gorgeous shades.

Look who are getting a bit older these days:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

Both still cuddly:
advent spinningwheel spinning wool merino cat

at the cabin

My husband send me to the cabin, with the cat, to try and get me out of Fight or Flight modus.

We’re trying hard, but the trick is to stop trying.

The light is beautiful! The green so intense. My onion dyed socks complement the garden.

Lillepoes helping:

Internalizing the scenery:

Weird Wool Wednesday: “What are you doing!?”

This was bellowed out by my husband on Sunday, just as I was about to learn to do my first afterthought heel ever. “What are you doing?!
He scared me!
(In Dutch we say: “I frightened myself a little hat!”. This mental image is my gift to you today.)

From the corner of his eye he saw me taking some scissors to knitwear and he shouted out in disbelief.

It’s just an afterthought heel, dear.

My first afterthought heel ever was an adventure:

An adventure made bigger because the ball of yarn was still being used for the leg. I had the luminescence idea of turning the balls inside out in order to work from the other end of the yarn:

Easy peasy.
I did get quite a tangle but soon the yarns will be cut and the ends kitchenered in.

Now just turn the balls the right side out again.
Hm. 50% succes rate:

Still well enough to knit with and not long after this heel I finished the Dropping Madness Socks!

Now I needed to take the official pictures. One from the top, one from the side, one with the measuring tape beside it:

My turn to bellow: “What are you doing?!”

These loved ones I live with…. I may think they spend their days sleeping and snoozing but they do keep tabs on my knitting!

The socks are very comfortable. The afterthought heel makes the gradient in the stripes progress nicely AND is designed to have a striped heel. That’s some good designing right there:

Now if you’ll excuse me? I have a feeling my hairy room mate is in for a little play time.

Weird Wool Wednesday: Sock Knitting Madness

Three days of SockMadness:
knitting everywhere
knitting everywhere

Eating with wooden dpn’s, secretly knitting under the table.
knitting everywhere
It’s our wedding anniversary lunch/dinner. This is at Sushi Kyushy at the Voorstraat 66 in Utrecht, best sushi in town. Genuine Japanese.

Love is in the air:
knitting everywhereknitting everywhere
These two sat cosy together, squaking and commenting on all the human commuters.

Trainspotting 2:
knitting everywhereknitting everywhere
Only six people in the theatre!

Can’t knit with dark grey in the dark. Can’t knit during this movie anyway. Nice movie!

Some things have not changed since the ’80s: the audio is way way too loud and the adverts for local venues is still an adorable clumsy array of photographs that blend into each other with ploink ploink music. The only difference is that now it’s High Definition clumsy.

Back home, time for bed:
knitting everywhere

knitting everywhere

Travellig with friends:
knitting everywhere
We are bringing my excellent spinning wheel to its new home.

Colour choices of Dropping Madness Sock being approved by local resident:
knitting everywhere
Cat Odin is way softer than any Fabel!

My cat is mainly soft on the inside:
knitting everywhere

This morning:
knitting everywhere

I’ve been looking at this for 45 minutes worth of knitting (while knitting) and designing the stranded vest in my head:
knitting everywhere
I need to make a swatch first…. there’s no escaping a swatch. I think I will call my swatch “wristwarmer”.

But first must knit this sock.

And its mate.

There are already people finished with this pattern! They knit a pair of Dropping Madness socks in 2 days. And they knit at a leisury speed!

must knit.

must knit sock.

Casting On.

Is only possible if I put on a cat-video for Lillepoes:

cat watching video for cats. Birman

She was meowing and in my face for an hour before I resorted to this.

The pattern is Podcaster by Susan Ashcroft and I’m knitting it sideways, into a tube.

 pic by Susan Ashcroft

The pattern gives gauge for different sizes and different yarn weights.

The yarn is that soft soft souvenir-yarn from Lüneburg, Zitron Feinheit. 16 micron! Babies and (other) bald headed people will not object to this.

 Is this grey? Is this blue? Purple even?

It’s also well plied so there’s no pilling yet and I don’t stick my needle into the yarn too often while knitting. I like this yarn so much that I endure continious purl and knit sequences (such as ribbing), something that I do not do voluntarily often because it slows me down and I have to look at my hands most the time.

So it’s ok for the cat to hog the computer, I can’t read or watch anything while knitting this. If you’re wondering, this is the video Lillepoes enjoys.

cat watching video for cats. Birmancat watching video for cats. Birmancat watching video for cats. Birmancat watching video for cats. Birman

Look how far I’ve come thanks to High Resolution screens and some person who thought up the idea of making a long video of squirrels and birds being fed, so that cats could watch, so that people could knit in peace:

This is not what we envisioned when we thought about the future in the ’70s. Flying cars and high rise jungle and zoo’s. But not this.

White wonder time.

winter canal dutch frost

These are the historic canals and harbour around my house 🙂
They illustrate nicely the “white time” that I often experience after Christmas.

white winter dutch netherlands

It’s a time for crisp morning walks, for snow sun and for looking into the skies while gazing internally. It lasts anywhere from two weeks untill the end of February, depending on the weather.

It is a winter mood but not the depressive kind. It’s the one of light and snow sparkle and cold. The time of anise and ginger drinks and light butter waffles, not the time of hot chocolate and gingerbread that go with xmas time.

These pictures I took last Thursday, when I went to get the car. I have to park a kilometre away because in historic Dutch cities there’s not much parking space.

That’s why we ride bikes:
winter canal harbour Holland Dutch Birman
This picture is from yesterday. Why dahlias? It’s winter! I don’t know. I had them last year on New Years Eve too and was just as amused by them.
winter canal harbour Holland Dutch Birmanwinter canal harbour Holland Dutch Birman
To celebrate this white time I took out all the green, red and gold ornaments of the tree. I received a glass bird from a friend and it was the perfect gift for this time of year. Years ago she gave a similar bird and it’s been over our wood stove all this time, all year round. I love glass 🙂

These days I particularly enjoy wearing my light coloured clothes. And my Wolop Advent shawl! It’s perfect for this weather and the colours are cool and light.

And this time is about spinning, as it is Frau Holle time.
This week I spun that beautiful Tour de Fleece price I received this year: batts called “Birch”:

The ceramic bowl is Raku and holds the threads I use for securing skeins before setting the twist. It was made by Lieneke from Wolop because she commands many skills and she knows I love birches 🙂

Are you done now? I now a cat that needs feeding.

5 december: are you kitten me?

This is the snow leopard I made for my nephew yesterday:
With this gift:

Turned out he got the exact same LEGO StarWars Advent Calendar from his mum!

This is a lovely little knitted cat I got on Saturday from Tineke from Atelier Het Groene Schaep:
tiny knitted cattiny knitted cat
Isn’t it darling? It’s a pattern by Tiny Owl knits

Today the post arrived with gifts for the cats:
A new scratching post and the purple anti gobble food bowl Luna showed off last week when we baked spiced cat cookies at her house.

These are all the gifts for humans that Saint Nicholas dropped down the chimney. We’ll be taking them to Gouda later today:
Sinterklaas 2016
I still have some poems to write.

If you think this looks like a wooden shoe….
Sinterklaas 2016
you’d be right. It’s a wooden shoe you can hang on the wall outside and fill with peanuts. It’s a bird feeder, Dutch style. It’s a gift for the husband of Lieneke. This one needs a poem desperately!

This box has a picture of a gnome’s hat on it. On top it reads “don’t throw” (in German). I know someone who likes gnomes
Sinterklaas 2016 from Lieneke Bosman

and this is the gift that’s just plain silly:
Sinterklaas 2016
Hee hee hee! She’s going to love it! (I hope)

This is the cat that had to scoot over because I needed room to wrap the gifts. Not pleased.

This is the colour I got from the Wolop Adventbox: purple!

I’m going to combine it with my supporting grey:

I’m inspired to use a pattern from this book:

This book I got from Sinterklaas a couple of years ago, when Lieneke from Wolop had travelled to Japan with her husband. Japan! Where they love knitting and the Scandinavian style of living.
And also:

Cats in cowls! You are kitten me and I love it.

Weird Wool Wednesday: cat approved foot warmer.

I tried out my gotland felted foot warmer today:
I invited Lillepoes to try it with me.

“Ok, I’ll give it a try!”

“No, on second though I’d rather not.”

“On second second though, ok, yes.”

“No, I was right the first time.”

“On second second second thought and your insistence…I’ll lie down here.”

“Nahhhhh, I think I’d rather lie here.”
“In your face.”

“So cosy! I wuv you.”

“On my final second thought….”

“I love touching sheep while I sleep.”

“Hmm, an invitation you say?”

“Yessss…I approve.”

“Even better alone….zzzzz…”

“What that? Something edible?”


“What that?!”

“Hm. Pf. Smells like cat. Sheep cat. Not edible.”

“I’ll sleep here. With my face in the radiator.”

“That’s fine. I sleep here. With my face in sheep.”