Weird Wool Wednesday: Cat yarn inspections

Last weekend I brought the Wolbeest tortie cat yarn to Suus, the tortie cat from Spectre120, for approval:

She’s such an adorable, sweet cat! She likes the tortoise cat yarn.

Of course Boef, their young marmelade cat, needed to be involved too:

This is right before he claimed the yarn and tried to take it from me.

Boef, meaning “little rascal” is a young male cat. He’s about six months old, soft as kittens and such a mild mannered, well behaved youngster:

Or is he??

Here I want to photograph tortie cat yarn and Cat Ear Bag with Suus and her cat fabric cushion:

Young timid Boef just happens to be walking over…

Lalala, just an innocent coincidinky:

Oh, fancy seeing you here.

Let’s “shake hands” old girl!

Suus stands her ground.
Boef saves face by pretending to have never seen a felted fleece before.
All ends in much disapproving of today’s youth:

A bit later Boef is on time out in his room -he has a room of his own!- and Suus gets some peace and quiet on her nice pillow. Her tail is still a bit bushy and is softly tapping.

Boop! from Boef:


other cat things today

The post did not deliver my Wolbeest cat yarn parcel yesterday 🙀

Luckily I’ve got other cat things today, let me show you:

I bought this cat ears bag from FiberRachel on Etsy!

That graphic fabric is fantastic! It’s canvas, my favourite fabric for usable things such as bags and skirts. I saw this fabric the previous weekend, well loved by Suus, Spectre120’s cat:

Today my new bag holds my Harry Potter knee socks and will accompany me to the Feel Good Market in Eindhoven.

There’s a cat loving t-shirt printer there, Dweezilsfriend

who donates profits to the Canal Boat Cat Shelter in Amsterdam:
pic by Terretta
 pic by The Catboat
pic by The Catboat
The famous Poezeboot, The Catboat, a no-kill centre on the canals of Amsterdam.

A year and a half ago I bought one of her shirts at Mermaidy in Utrecht, which is next to the LYS Sticks and Cups.

It’s made of bamboo and organic cotton, it’s produced in Turkey and bought under Fair Trade agreements. It is printed in Amsterdam. I love that shirt. But I’m not wearing it today, it’s too cold.

The last cat thing I want to show you is the postcard that I made for the Wolbeest January Cat Sock Month installment that other people got yesterday:

Hee hee, a shedding princess on a pea!

Ravelry knitters will recognize the pullovers she’s sitting on:
That’s February Lady Sweater

crazy stripes tee
Paper Dolls

Hee hee! I had much fun painting this. purrrr 😸

Sinter Sushi

So last Saturday I did Sinter Sushi. It was a gift exchange and poem reading at Coco Sushi in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, one of those true sushi restaurants. Not the all-you-can-eat-places.

It was a set up with Spectre120, the dear friend of Suus the cat:

 who got a little poem of her own.

Some impressions:

We had a lovely time 🙂

I could tell you all about it but one of the gifts Spectre gave me was good advice on how to find more time. So I’m going to let these pictures speak for itself.

Finished socks “Streepje anders” after yarn party yesterday.

Pattern Streepje anders by Heleen Kok with modifications.

Today I finished one toe and a whole foot (plus its toe) as I took the whole day for resting and knitting after a wonderful yarn party yesterday.

At the party there was yarn and knitting and spinning and weaving and cake and bonbons and pie and quiche and taco’s and cats and “Bossche Bollen” and cat tea mugs and lots of handknit socks!
wolfeestje yarnparty

One girl brought these stitchmarkers that she makes professionally. She made these especially for the birthday girl:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
Those are chocolate, a cookie and Bossche Bollen. With a bite out of them! The birthday girl LOVES Bossche Bollen, usually when I go visit her I have to bring some, so this was a perfect gift.
These are very well made too. It will be a happy day when the maker decides to open her online shop 🙂

Another girl, Meilindis, brought her loom! That’s a new one for me, someone chatting and weaving at a party. Go check out the wonderful patterns she can make on a rigid heddle on her site (it’s in English).
wolfeestje yarnparty
It was great seeing her work and she explained a lot. If you have extra heddles you can do all kinds of patterns on a rigid heddle, just as if it was a loom with “schachten” (don’t know the English word. What people consider to be “a real loom”.)

She dazzled me with her colour handling and I learned a bit how a weaver can manipulate colours. Soothe them, ease them, shift them. Meilindis has a special knack for this!

(I do not. I somehow lack the imagination or the courage for it, to combine “strange” colours. It was funny to discover this “handicap” of mine. It made it much more marvellous to see Meilindis combine an try out colours with such ease and wit! But I think I may have confounded her a bit with my squeals and boggling eyes and compliments 😉 )

The birthday girl is just as fond of big cat mugs as I am:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
The one on the right is my present to her!

Here are better pictures by the maker:

It’s an handmade mug from Budapest artist Brigitta Bondar who has an Etsyshop ARTushkashop as well as a brick & mortar shop in the centre of Budapest. Near the trainstation or centre square I believe. She’s also on Facebook, in English.
Brigitta is a wonderful artist and was very fast en precise in communicating with me and then shipping fast and securely.

ARTushka also has this sheep mug in her Etsy shop:
pic by ARTushka
and more sheep in the Budapest shop:
pic by ARTushka

The birthday girl is not allowed to keep sheep in her house so she settles for cats. This is wonderful Suus, a fairly young rescue who is so friendly and curious:
wolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnpartywolfeestje yarnparty
There were a lot of cat ladies at the party and Suus was adored!

Equally adored was cat Sproet who came down from the bedroom for a visit. Sproet is old and blind but made the rounds and found his way, using his whiskers.

An afternoon with yarnwomen, tea cats, real cats, cake and chocolate, made for a wonderful party 🙂