Weird Wool Wednesday: Cat yarn inspections

Last weekend I brought the Wolbeest tortie cat yarn to Suus, the tortie cat from Spectre120, for approval:

She’s such an adorable, sweet cat! She likes the tortoise cat yarn.

Of course Boef, their young marmelade cat, needed to be involved too:

This is right before he claimed the yarn and tried to take it from me.

Boef, meaning “little rascal” is a young male cat. He’s about six months old, soft as kittens and such a mild mannered, well behaved youngster:

Or is he??

Here I want to photograph tortie cat yarn and Cat Ear Bag with Suus and her cat fabric cushion:

Young timid Boef just happens to be walking over…

Lalala, just an innocent coincidinky:

Oh, fancy seeing you here.

Let’s “shake hands” old girl!

Suus stands her ground.
Boef saves face by pretending to have never seen a felted fleece before.
All ends in much disapproving of today’s youth:

A bit later Boef is on time out in his room -he has a room of his own!- and Suus gets some peace and quiet on her nice pillow. Her tail is still a bit bushy and is softly tapping.

Boop! from Boef:


Cat Yarn Box is here!


Hee hee, this colourway is named “Floki’s collar”:

Floki is Wolbeest’ house panther, with gorgeous eyes:

He’s very much a cat. Loves to play and to be near you and look at you but don’t cuddle him if he doesn’t want to. He talks with his paws and easily scratches you. That being said: last week I forgot and he indicated he wanted us to touch noses and I did and I was this close to his nose -we actually touched- and also very very close to that fiercesome claws of his. But nothing happened, we just shared a friendly hello.

Later on he did scratch me as I was lingering too long too close near him with my hand. Ah, cats. They just expect us to catch on sooner. To read their minds.

Inspection by Poekie:


cat nibbles for humans:

Licorice herring (could there be anything more “North Sea People” than that?) and tea.

Some handdrawn cat scribble on a postcard:

Wait, what? I know that name….

That’s right, I made this card. And it’s printed, professionally. And part of this yarn box. And normal people, real people!, have it at home now. And now I am famous and professional and totally not hiding under the covers because I fooled everybody.

Looky here, the bestest goodie to accompany the yarn: a Cat WIP bag!

 pic by FiberRachel
Another original design by FiberRachel. Look at those ears!

The yarn is so good!
Het Wolbeest already has a prototype on the needles, this yarn knits up selfstriping in a gorgeous way:

I started too, using the self striping and the beautiful bag:

I have plans for a hat. Knit sideways, with red cat ears, like the bag.

Later on I took the bag for a ride. To the fish restaurant:

Visch in Den Bosch

We had sashimi:

Someone was purring…

ready for Wolbeest Cat Sock Month!

These are all the catty WIPbags I’ll be using the coming month:

This is a nifty little needle holder, it will hold your needles while your knitting’s still on it:
Works both for dpns and circulars.

It was a gift from Sinterklaas, via Lieneke from Wolop. She thought I’d might like to make little ensembles of the Cat Sock Yarn Club I’m joining next month. And boy was she right!

She put the idea in my head and now I’m really looking forward to having everything neatly together and knitting with the four exclusive colourways that Wolbeest has invented to celebrate four cats. A new yarn every week! Plus minis! Plus goodies!

The roll, with the cats on it, is to hold my Inktense pencils and is also a gift from Lieneke and Sinterklaas:

Another thoughtful gift! Because I’ve been drawing cats the whole month of december. I can only show you the black and white doodles I did:

The colourful ones are still a secret because they are some of the goodies part of the Cat Yarn Club studio Wolbeest is running. There are still a few spots and international shipping is offered, if you want to.


Weird Wool Wednesday: a cat yarn surprise box!


Which knitter do you know that loves to draw cats? That’s right, I made the sketch for the PR above!

It’s for a yarn club in January from Het Wolbeest, the indie dyer with the ice cream parlour and the wonderful cats and dogs I visited two weeks ago. It will consist of four instalments of handdyed fingering yarn based on four cats!

This is a luxurious surprise box including full skeins, minis, goodies and cat artwork. Start the new year with cats who appreciate knitting and knitting appreciating cats! Ships internationally too.

I’m going to make another drawing to promote this. And I’m getting this box! I love cats and handdyed yarn.

swap send for the pincushion swap!

I told you about the secret swap for little pincushions and how much I adore small pincushions. My house is sprinkled with little pincushions and I use all of them. And I need more of them!

Luckily there was this swap. As I always make a dummy for a swap to try out the project I end up with a little project for myself too. I was so stoked to make a pincushion for my swappee and me, had all kinds of plans and inspiration too.

So trust me to get the one person in the swap who is way happier with a needle book than with a pin cushion!

A needle book it is! I made a trial and then I made the real thing and this is what I send:

 pic by Pippi

In her specific colours, with a cat because she adores cats and with cocktails because she has a holiday coming up soon. It’s a needle book for Pippi Spectre! Pictures above are by her.

You know Spectre, she loves cat tea mugs and she loves cat Suus and also these colours:

She too has a wardrobe in her own palette and she too can choose anything to wear and it will match whatever else she’s wearing. It’s a very relaxed way of dressing, we both recommend it.

Where my clothes are all a little subdued, like the surface of a mountain, Spectre’s clothes all have things to make her smile. Every individual thing is remarkable! Be it the print or the texture or the handmade details or the buttons. Everywhere you look there’s something remarkable and happy making. When I see her we spend the first 15 minutes with me squealing and touching her clothes and pointing out all the lovely details.

So I put extra effort in getting the colours right and getting a little party going on. The fabric at the front I made myself, with a new to me technique on my new sewing machine: scrap quilting, for which I found an awesome tutorial at

This is the dummy I made for me, to try out the technique. In the self dyed Indigo linen because I am mountain:

As you see I had to learn a lot:

Spectre’s needle book is way better than this one. Especially the edge binding and the choice of batting and the closing of the needle case. It’s good I did a trial run.

Unfortunately this fabric making has now smitten me with the quilting virus …

In other news:

yesterday I finally relaxed at the cabin. I am now calm again. It took 4 days for me to wind down. Hm.

I enjoy being outside, it smells so wonderful and the little robins are singing 🙂

In the evening me and Lillepoes sit on the couch knitting:

I even made a drawing, a few sumi-é cats, one of which I send to Spectre:

sumi-e cats brushwork painting black white



birthday gift: a handmade cat tea mug! And lots of cats cuddles.

So last Wednesday I met up with Dootje, from The Woolly Dodo amazing stitchmarkers, and she gave me a birthday gift:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cakeArtushka cat tea mug ceramic ceramics handmade cuddling kittyArtushka cat tea mug ceramic ceramics handmade cuddling kittyArtushka cat tea mug ceramic ceramics handmade cuddling kitty
A big handmade cat tea mug! A wonderful, functional, cat mug!

Remember a while back when my knitter friend Spectre had her birthday and Dootje gave her stitchmarkers and I gave a cat mug from Etsy and we met her cat Suus?

Such a friendly party it was. The mug was from Budapest artist Brigitta Bondar who has an Etsyshop ARTushkashop as well as a brick & mortar shop in the centre of Budapest.

Dootje went to that knitters’ party, knows how I adore cat/tea/ceramics and in August she went to Budapest, to the amazing festival Sziget. She had contacted Brigitte and arranged to buy a mug for me. So fantastically sneaky and lovely!!

She saw her both in her shop and in her booth at the festival:
 pics by ARThuska
She took it all the way back the Netherlands (that’s across the continent of Europe) and then brought it to the cat café Balthazar in Nijmegen to give it to me.

Balthazar is an amazing cat café, with a very nice atmosphere, no hurrying and lots of relaxed and friendly kitties. Among them Coco:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake
Ew, a naked cat. I’ve never seen a Sphinx cat up close. I imagine all cats have these wrinkles, only they are covered with fur.

Coco is very friendly! And intelligent. And want to play a lot. And adores the sun. She has beautifully coloured eyes but I don’t have a picture of them. Look at that thin tail:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake

Noor the Norwegian Forest Cat came and laid on Dootjes cat bag:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cakecatcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cakecatcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake
Such a beauty!

Like I said, a very friendly café. No fixed time by which you have to go. Lots of lovely food. The best cat café I’ve visited until now. Look what amazing cake they had that day:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake

This is the cat of the owner, who lives above the shop. He is huge! And very friendly.
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake
I’ve never seen a cat that big. He was so friendly. Didn’t like to walk across the pebbles though. None of them did.

The two kittens Kiwi and Moes, always in for mischief. Or falling asleep right in your lap. Or next to Coco who is radiating warmth. And will clean your fur for you.
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cakecatcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake

While we sat there I got a message from home:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake
“All cats relaxed and happy here too.”

When I walked to the station I encountered this plant, in one of the gardens people create spontaneously in their street, right in the public spaces:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake
It’s called “Cat’s Whiskers”, kattensnor.

and I made this with my Pentel Pocket Brush:
catcafé Balthazar Nijmegen kattencafé cat café tea cake

I did bring some knitting with me. The lila cardi, which has its back panel finished and now whants its sleeve reknitted. Mindless stockinette stitch, just what I needed. I knitted on it in the train, staring out the window.

Amazing mug:
Artushka cat tea mug ceramic ceramics handmade cuddling kittyArtushka cat tea mug ceramic ceramics handmade cuddling kitty

Want to hear something funny? Spectre and I share rare, handmade cat tea mugs.

I now have this new one, from the same range that Spectre has.

But a previous cat tea mug that I bought and showed here, she liked so much that she got one for herself:

I love how we appreciate the same things, while there’s a span of land and sky between us.

Thank you Dootje! You amazing gift giver.

Breaking News! Cat on lap.

Poekie is on my lap for the first time ever:
Poekie op schoot, voor t eerst! Lillepoes moest er ook bij natuurlijk. :)

We’ve had her for … oh, seven years now?
It’s only been a year and a half now that I’ve been living in the city more permanent. In that time she slowly allowed me to share my husband with her.

Particularly the last two months she’s becoming more and more friendly towards me. Not allowed to pick her up but am allowed to cuddle her when she stands close.

And there’s the chair. I think it’s my knitting chair. But she feels it’s hers. Today she’s big enough to share it with me, for the first time ever.

Of course Lillepoes had to join too. And she needs to be some distance from The Big Mean Tortie so my chest it was.

5 december: are you kitten me?

This is the snow leopard I made for my nephew yesterday:
With this gift:

Turned out he got the exact same LEGO StarWars Advent Calendar from his mum!

This is a lovely little knitted cat I got on Saturday from Tineke from Atelier Het Groene Schaep:
tiny knitted cattiny knitted cat
Isn’t it darling? It’s a pattern by Tiny Owl knits

Today the post arrived with gifts for the cats:
A new scratching post and the purple anti gobble food bowl Luna showed off last week when we baked spiced cat cookies at her house.

These are all the gifts for humans that Saint Nicholas dropped down the chimney. We’ll be taking them to Gouda later today:
Sinterklaas 2016
I still have some poems to write.

If you think this looks like a wooden shoe….
Sinterklaas 2016
you’d be right. It’s a wooden shoe you can hang on the wall outside and fill with peanuts. It’s a bird feeder, Dutch style. It’s a gift for the husband of Lieneke. This one needs a poem desperately!

This box has a picture of a gnome’s hat on it. On top it reads “don’t throw” (in German). I know someone who likes gnomes
Sinterklaas 2016 from Lieneke Bosman

and this is the gift that’s just plain silly:
Sinterklaas 2016
Hee hee hee! She’s going to love it! (I hope)

This is the cat that had to scoot over because I needed room to wrap the gifts. Not pleased.

This is the colour I got from the Wolop Adventbox: purple!

I’m going to combine it with my supporting grey:

I’m inspired to use a pattern from this book:

This book I got from Sinterklaas a couple of years ago, when Lieneke from Wolop had travelled to Japan with her husband. Japan! Where they love knitting and the Scandinavian style of living.
And also:

Cats in cowls! You are kitten me and I love it.